Could Twilight Get More Sequels? Here's What The Studio Says
Lionsgate's Patrick Wachsberger recently opened up regarding whether or not we will ever get another entry in the Twilight saga.
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Kristen Stewart In A Twilight Reboot? Here’s What She Thinks
Would Kristen Stewart have any interest in playing a part in a potential Twilight reboot? Here's what the actress recently had to say about that idea.
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A Twilight Star Just Joined Scream Queens Season 2
Scream Queens is building up its lovely cast for Season 2 and it's just been announced that someone from Twilight will have a recurring role in the series. Who could it be? Hint: It's another attractive person.
The Magic Tree House Books Are Becoming Movies, Get The Details
The latest young adult book series that moviegoers will get to see in live action soon is the Magic Tree House series, published continuously since 1992. Get the details!
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Romantic Movies Make Stalking Seem Less Creepy, According To Science
Valentine's Day is coming, and before you binge an entire line up of Jane Austen, Twilight, and Richard Curtis films, you may want to read how science sees this as a a bad idea.
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10 Last-Minute Casting Changes That Altered Major Movies
Casting chops and changes are made on a regular basis. But which films were drastically altered because of the departure of their A-list leading man? Have a gander inside to see.
Kristen Stewart: 8 Reasons She's Actually Really Awesome
The mixed reactions people have when you mention the name Kristen Stewart are astounding. Some love her, some hate her, and some just think of her as that ‘chick from Twilight’. But despite the way tabloids often paint the actress, she’s definitely not going anywhere.
Anna Kendrick: 10 Reasons She's Totally Awesome
There’s not much convincing to be done to come to the conclusion that Anna Kendrick is an awesome human being. Just follow her Twitter account. The 30-year-old actress is honest, down-to-earth, and extremely likable. Maybe it’s her own self-deprecating nature, or her fearlessness in calling people out on their ridiculousness, but Kendrick comes off as one of the more relatable A-list celebrities running Hollywood today.
Batman: Arkham Knight Cast Includes Breaking Bad, Twilight Stars
Warner Bros and Rocksteady Studios have released a new behind-the-scenes video for Batman: Arkham Knight detailing a bit more of the game's story, the motivations behind some of the characters and the revelation that there are actors from Twilight and AMC's Breaking Bad voicing characters in the game.
What Kristen Stewart Actually Thinks Of Twilight
Though the overall critical response to The Twilight Saga was fairly negative, there is no denying that it was a serious box office hit. But, most criticized out of the entire franchise was definitely Kristen Stewart, who despite all the negativity surrounding her acting, admitted that she’s proud of the films.
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Twilight Is Coming Back In A Very Cool Way, Get The Details
One of the biggest life lessons we learned from Game of Thrones is “what is dead may never die,” and this seems to be the case with Twilight. The high-grossing film franchise based on the Stephanie Meyer-penned book series is returning with a slew of short films, and now you can read the screenplays for each of them.
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Twilight + Marvel? Kristen Stewart Would Love To Join This Marvel Franchise
Despite Stewart’s time down indie film row, she won’t leave bigger budget films out of the picture completely, and claims she would love to play a role in a this Marvel movie.
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Wait, We're Getting ANOTHER New Frankenstein Movie?
Candyman helmer Bernard Rose is the latest filmmaker wanting to take a crack at bringing Frankenstein back to the big screen, but do audiences want to see a modern updating of this classic monster movie?
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The Hunger Games Movie Studio Launches Video Game Division
Lionsgate Entertainment has officially jumped into the video game development and publishing space. They didn't quite make it clear if they will be making any games internally, or publishing any of their own LP, but they did make it clear that they really, really want the dollar-dollar bills associated with the interactive entertainment industry.
Rob Pattinson Made How Much For Breaking Dawn?
There’s a pretty ugly Twilight-related lawsuit going on right now. Basically, multiple companies who worked on financing the film and shared in its profits are going back-and-forth over which is ultimately responsible to pay for the bonuses various members of the cast and crew earned.
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This Week In Home Entertainment: More From Twilight And The Hobbit, Plus White House Down
Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx should have opened up one of this summer’s biggest movies. Both actors are big names in the business, and they had The Amazing Spider-Man’s James Vanderbilt and big budget guru Roland Emmerich to put together the film, as well. While the movie didn’t manage to dominate the box office, it’s still a fun but frilly movie that's short on surprises but long on fun.
See The Terrifying Fake Baby That Was Cut From Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
Upon leaving the theater after seeing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, two things I noted aloud were that I loved that they changed the ending from the book, and that the baby version of Edward and Bella’s half-human/half-vampire daughter Renesmee was weird.
Twilight Actor Jackson Rathbone Marries Girlfriend In Malibu Ceremony
Twilight fans may not have gotten the luxurious, star-studded wedding out of Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson that was once expected, but star Jackson Rathbone did get his happy ending. He walked down the aisle with longtime girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi in a small ceremony in Malibu, California over the weekend, and by all accounts, the evening was beautiful.
Twilight Parody Producers Sue Studios For $500 Million
The site says that Lionsgate and Summit have registered so many Twilight-related trademarks that it potentially creates an intellectual property monopoly, which the lawsuit would love to break down. And a communications law professor at the University of Georgia tells EW that Behind the Lines has a pretty good chance of winning.
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Was Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Really The Worst Movie Of 2012?
Earlier this weekend, the thirty-third annual Razzie Awards announced this year’s big winners, and no film was more honored, or slandered, than The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The popular conclusion won seven Razzies for cinematic failure including Worst Picture, World Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner) and worst on-screen couple (Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy).
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