The SAG Awards pre-show is not particularly known for being memorable. This year’s was actually a little bit of a shocker, mostly due to a piece of engagement news that surprised me so much I very nearly gagged on a granola bar, not because this person didn’t deserve to be engaged, mind you, but because I simply never thought of this actress in that capacity.

Enough of this suspense, though. 30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden showed up in a beautiful strapless white number with little lace flowers trembling over what looks like some silk. The dress is a little reminiscent of a sprightly wedding number, which is fitting, given the circumstances. Also, in tow were her new fiancé, musician Benjamin Jorgensen, and a brand new ring on her left hand.

Bowden first spoke with Giuliana Rancic over at E! about her new circumstances. Apparently, Jorgensen only popped the question yesterday.
"He proposed and showed me the ring and I was so shocked I just said 'Oh my god,' and I hugged him. Then he said to me, 'So is that yes?'”

The proposal is so recent and so sweet it would be criminal to wish the new couple anything but a whole bunch of happiness. To return to my earlier surprise and set the record straight; in my defense, it is difficult to think of the 28 year-old actress as anything but the young, naïve Cerie on NBC’s Thursday night comedy. It’s going to be a challenge to reframe her in my mind as someone with real wants and relationship bearings. Oh well, if I could reframe Sue Galloway as the chick in the Holiday Inn Express commercial, I can do anything.



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