I always like in when Anderson Cooper has to stifle a giggle during his “Ridiculist” segments on CNN, but yesterday’s one on Amanda Bynes featured the news anchor speaking with a bit more derision than normal. Who can blame him, though, when she has been such an easy target this week, sending her lawyer into court to address her DUI and then Tweeting Barack Obama to say he should go out of his way to fire the cop who arrested her for drinking and driving. I guess that’s one way to stay in the news.

Cooper did go out of his way to take a few pot shots at the former Nickelodeon star; but who wouldn’t, considering the ill thought out and extremely public manner the celebrity has been using to express herself? She’s certainly not the first to make an ass on herself via Twitter, but she may very well be the first to attempt to bring Obama into her personal life.

Cooper followed up his pot shots at the Easy A actress with his first ever “Ridiculist” spinoff, called “Things More Important Than Amanda Bynes’ Tweets.” Since most things are more important than Bynes’ Twitter activity, the segment took other ridiculous entertainment news and juxtaposed it with Bynes’ Twitter feed, stating Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ engagement was practically the moon landing when compared.

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