Since Blue Ivy Carter was born earlier this month, the little girl has already been credited as the youngest musician in history to appear on a charting single. To some, that cute little factoid is a sign of loving parents wanting to offer their child all the perks fame has afforded them. To others, it’s a sad warning sign of potential exploitation for publicity. One would imagine the Knowles and Carter families would be firmly in the former camp, but it now appears Beyonce’s parents may be concerned members of the latter group.

Citing an anonymous source, The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting Mathew and Tina Knowles are pressuring Jay-Z and Beyonce to pump the brakes when it comes to marketing their newborn. The divorced couple both reportedly think the behavior could end up causing a backlash that might harm their own careers or their child’s future endeavors.

If this rumor is true, I find it to be a bit strange considering Blue Ivy’s parents haven’t really been working the publicity circuit. Yes, that song was released, but apart from that, they haven’t really spoken on the record about their daughter. Of course, the headlines have been coming fast and frequently, but it’s unclear whether Beyonce or Jay-Z has had a hand in that. I don’t really think they can stop their famous friends from offering positive words on Twitter or a few statements to the press now and again.

What’s far more interesting to me about this story, if in fact the source is correct, is that it implies Mathew and Tina Knowles are speaking to each other often enough to offer team parenting advise. Maybe they’re closer than we’ve all assumed. Regardless, Jay-Z and Beyonce have the right to raise their child as close to the spotlight or as far from it as they choose.



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