Chris Brown Bandages Hand After Fight, Compares Himself To Jesus

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Mark Geragos may have instructed his client, Chris Brown, to flee the scene of the Frank Ocean fight to prevent further incident, but Iím pretty sure he didnít tell him to go home and publically compare himself to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thatís exactly what he did though, and as John Lennon found out almost fifty years ago, thatís not necessarily the ideal public relations road to take.

Speaking on his Instagram account, Brown told his followers he was in the mood to paint how he felt, which, for the record, was apparently like Jesus being persecuted on the cross. Hereís a look at his pretty solid artwork belowÖ

Brown has been very upfront since the domestic violence incident with Rihanna about how he feels persecuted by the media. Whether some people are out to get him or not, he just keeps giving them ammunition to fire. Between the bottle throwing mess with Drake and breaking shit at Good Morning America, he shouldnít be surprised a high percentage of people think he was the aggressor in this Frank Ocean fight.

Beyond this Jesus analogy, Brown hasnít commented publically about throwing fists with Ocean, but he was spotted out and about today with his right hand in a cast, meaning he definitely connected his knuckles with something in the past few days.

A supposedly unbiased witness to the mayhem told TMZ Chris fired the first punch after Frank refused to shake his hand, but the police are still investigating and havenít even interviewed Brown yet. Weíll keep you updated. Until then, if you're having trouble telling the difference between Jesus and Chris, just remember the latter is the one with the neck tattoo.
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