Something shady happened after Chris Brown’s car accident last week. As a pretty routine fender-bender, the situation should have been a minor headache filled with some frustrating paperwork, but instead, it has turned into a far bigger fiasco that could even lead to prison time.

This morning, a rumor emerged that Brown refused to turn over his driver’s license to the woman he hit following the accident, and he allegedly gave her fraudulent insurance information too. If so, it would be a violation of his probation and a potential reason to send him to jail for up to four years. Just as soon as those whispers started flowing, however, those closet to Brown reached out to TMZ to say the opposite. Apparently, Brown’s camp is claiming it’s actually the woman who has been super shady. They’re arguing there wasn’t any damage to either car, and when Brown’s attorney contacted the woman about the accident, she promptly hung up on him.

On the one hand, Brown doesn’t have the world’s greatest reputation for honesty and wise decision-making. He’s made more than his share of mistakes, and he’s definitely not the easiest person to believe. On the other hand, however, it’s hard to see why he would refuse to turn over his driver’s license during a completely routine accident. After all, there’s no way he thought he could actually trick anyone given his fame level. As for the woman, it’s possible she doesn’t want to talk to Brown’s attorney until she hires one of her own.

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