Chris Brown Reportedly Suffers Seizure, Refuses Medical Treatment

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Chris Brown was working on some music early this morning in Hollywood when a 911 call was placed from Record Planet. The caller told police the popular musician had suffered a seizure, but by the time paramedics arrived, he was reportedly up and about and didnít want any part of an examination.

According to TMZ, the call came in at 1:09 AM. Beyond that, very few specifics are actually known. Brown hasnít spoken publically about the incident, and no one else near the situation is talking, at least in anything other than the vaguest of terms.

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There are reports Brown may have suffered from some seizure problems as a child. Given his unwillingness to accept medical treatment, that would make a ton of sense. Iím pretty sure if most people had a seizure for the first time, theyíd trip over themselves trying to get to a hospital, whereas if someone was used to it, they might decide to walk it off and continue recording. Since he hasnít commented on his medical history or this incident, however, itís impossible to know exactly what happened.

Regardless, Brown has been under an incredible amount of stress lately. Heís currently dealing with a frustrating possible probation violation case over a fender bender accident, and just three days ago, he admitted that he might quit music because of how much hatred and negativity he deals with on a regular basis. All of that has definitely taken a toll on his body, but whether or not thatís directly related to what happened last night isnít a question anyone other than a doctor could answer.

Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to Brown during this troubling time. Itís easy to see why he didnít want to head to the hospital, but for his sake and that of all who love him, I truly hope he reconsiders. Visiting a doctor might be a serious annoyance, but it can also prevent a minor problem from progressively getting worse.

You can check out Brown's video for "Run It" below...

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