Daft Punk Changes Website, Reveals Columbia Records Collaboration

By Joseph Giannone 3 years ago
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Whether creating heart pounding club music, making a wonderful soundtrack to the lackluster film Tron: Legacy, or feeding internet bloggers with weeks of anticipation, Daft Punk is a band thatís hard not to talk about. Even though their last album, 2005ís Human After All, was released to lackluster reviews, the French house artists have undoubtedly made a stir in the past couple of weeks. Starting with rumors floating around that a new album , their first in over eight years, will be released come May, most bloggers have waited impatiently for the next morsel of information to come out of the DP camp.

After weeks of playing the ďwill they or wonít theyĒ card, Daft Punk has finally given us solid proof to chew on. As Pitchfork points out, this morning, the electronic outfit changed its website to a picture indicating a collaboration with Columbia records. For years fans of Daft Punk have waited for their follow up to Human After All and now it finally seems like that may happen.

Back in late January the band stated that they would no longer be working with Virgin Records, and that Columbia might release their new album. Finally, this teaser image gives us firm confirmation of that collaboration.

No word has surfaced yet on whether or not their new album will come out in May, though whatís certain is that this will keep many fans of theirs happy. Whether or not the actual album will live up to fans expectations has yet to be seen, but i'm quite sure that it will leave people talking for months to come.
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