Delta Made an '80s Airline Safety Video Featuring ALF

By Alex Suskind 2 years ago
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In an attempt to inject some excitement into the airline safety portion of your flight, Delta has decided to make an Ď80s-themed video telling you how to buckle your seatbelt and where to stow your carry-on luggage. The clip features such Ď80s mainstays as ALF, a Rubikís cube, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar (heís flying the plane, of course).

I have gone to the trouble of imagining what the pitch meeting for this video was like. Remember, this is just a rough approximation, and shouldnít be taken as fact. You can check out the video above, or on your next Delta flight.

Notes From Delta Safety Inspector Meeting, Wednesday January, 7, 2014

Delta CEO: Gentlemen, itís time to switch the way we do business on board our planes. I am talking about how we teach safety to the millions of customers who fly with us each year.
Delta Safety Inspector: Agreed.
Delta Executive No. 1 Agreed.
Delta Executive No. 2 Yes!
Delta Executive No. 3 Of course we should.
Delta CEO: We need something hot, something sexy, something that can go viral on the Interweb! Pitch me ideas!
Delta Executive No. 1 Why donít we do something with Twitter? Twitter is very hot these days.
Delta Executive No. 2 I say we go with another t-word: Tumblr! Tumblr is also very hot these days.
Delta CEO: Nonsense! Youíre just throwing fancy-schmancy words at me! I said I need ideas. Mr. Delta Safety Inspector! What say you?
Delta Safety Inspector: How about we create a viral video?
Delta CEO: I like where your headís at! Hit me with your video idea.
Delta Safety Inspector: People are going gaga for nostalgia right now, so why donít we just make our safety instructions an Ď80s-themed video? It could show passengers playing Atari in the seats, doing the worm in the aisles, and wearing wacky Ď80s fashion!
Delta CEO: Gentlemen! I have an idea! Letís do an Ď80s-themed safety video!
Delta Safety Inspector: But that was my ideÖ
Delta CEO: No. 1, letís get ALF on the line and see if he wants to participate. This video has the potential to go VIRAL!
Delta Executive No. 3 Or fly-ral!
Delta CEO: SHUT UP, No. 3! I make the cracks around here.
Delta Executive No. 3 Sorry, sir.
Delta CEO: Meeting adjourned!
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