It’s been more than twenty-four hour since Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm was officially announced, and in that time, the fanatics who had strong reactions either for or against the deal have had time to figure out their true feelings. The “holy shit!” tweets and obsessive Facebook rants/ orgasms have been replaced by less biased analysis and interesting conversation.

At least three more Star Wars movies are coming, and they’ll all be original stories handled by new filmmakers. In all likelihood, they will look and feel different than anything we’ve seen from Lucas’ world, which could be incredible and could be horrible. That’s the exciting thing about the unknown.

More than a decade ago, an incredible number of Star Wars fans showed up to watch the continuation of the franchise and left the theater miserable. Not only were they disappointed in the final product, they were disappointed in themselves for hoping Phantom Menace would live up to the original movies. For the next two films, expectation levels noticeably dipped, and for most, enjoyment actually went up slightly. They might not have lived up to the quality of the originals, but there were moments to love.

In three years, fans will once again flock to the theaters, this time to see Episode VII. Some will expect greatness from Disney when they sit down, and others will be cautiously optimistic. At this point, a little more than a day after finding out, we want to know where you stand. Are you already excited about the new movies, or are you withholding any opinion until you have more information? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below..

Are You Already Excited About The New Movies?

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