Helen Mirren usually looks great at big events, but at this year’s BAFTA awards, she unveiled a little more unusual look: pink hair. It’s not as if the woman has been a stranger to interesting fashion choices in the past, but pink hair is more frequently the choice of pop stars and not veteran actresses, so it is a bit startling at first glance.

But why not? The light pink color is an oddball choice, but isn’t as in-your-face as you might guess, taking on a hue much closer to Easter pink than hot pink. Additionally, the 67-year-old actress told Absolute Radio that she is taking advantage of her current circumstances to try something new.
“I’m doing a play and I wear wigs, so I can go any color I like.”

The actress also joked that there are more color changes to come, including a potential green, which actually may not be a good look for her. Luckily, she seemed to be offhandedly joking, so we shouldn’t have to make any comparisons to Mirren’s hair and Oscar the Grouch anytime soon. Although the Hitchcock actress may look pretty in pink, People is reporting her colored tresses are only temporary. While we may not see the look again, it’s still pretty cool to see the actress sporting a look that is usually reserved for Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj. Besides, Mirren pairs that hair with much more fashionable clothing choices.



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