Earlier today, Jessica Simpson welcomed in her first daughter. The singer/ actress gave birth in a Los Angeles hospital room, and both mother and child emerged from the delivery healthy and happy. The bouncing bundle of joy weighted in just shy of ten pounds, which is relatively large but perhaps smaller than most of us expected given the size of Simpson’s hot ass bump.

From Moon Unit to Audio Science, celebrities have a long history of bestowing wild names upon their newborn children. That’s why, when the famous choose any handle most people have ever heard of, it’s ordinarily given a free pass, at least if it doesn’t clearly violate unwritten gender codes. This one does.

The newest addition to Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson’s family has been christened Maxwell Drew Johnson. It’s relatively trendy to give newborn girls a masculine middle name or maybe even an androgynous first name; however, Maxwell is about as dude-ish as it gets.

On the grand scale of accepting, I’m typically one to give a thumbs up to most baby names. Part of me even liked Penn Jillette’s Moxie Crimefighter choice, but this one has me a bit puzzled. According to US Magazine, Maxwell is Johnson’s grandmother’s surname, and Drew is the middle name of Simpson’s grandmother. I appreciate there’s a family connection, but ultimately, I’m worried it missed it by that much.

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