Jimmy Kimmel Live spent four days taping in New York last week. Guests including David Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert guested on the show for the New York tapings, and lots of the talk during the episodes brought up Hurricane Sandy and the devastation that came in the aftermath of the superstorm. Now, Kimmel wants to do his part for the victims of Sandy, and so the late night host has decided to auction off the custom desk he used while in New York.

The custom blue desk has a vintage look, and was used during the four tapings of Jimmy Kimmel Live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that ended on November 2. According to THR during the week the desk sat in Brooklyn, it was signed by Kimmel, Letterman, Stewart, and Colbert. The piece is extremely unique, and though it’s a little bulky, it’s definitely one of a kind. To bid on the item, you can head to Charity Buzz, and throw your bid into the lot. At the time of this writing, the desk was at $21,000.

Like many of the other charity events being put together post-Sandy, the money brought in for the blue desk with the stylized front plate will go to the American Red Cross. Kimmel is just one in a long line of people who have donated to help the victims of the hurricane. In fact, on Monday, the network that hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC, will be sponsoring a “Day of Giving” for the victims. Hopefully, the Red Cross will come up with an ample amount of money to take care of those in need.



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