The mystery dude who took the topless pictures of Kate Middleton scored a paycheck for his handwork, but it turns out, whatever figure he was paid may not have been enough to cover the potential fines and court costs related to what he did. Like in most Western countries, the laws in France allow photographs of celebrities to be taken without their consent, but that protection only applies to times in which the star is in a public place.

After the story first broke, Closer, the magazine the pics appeared in, defended itself by saying the shots at Lord Linley’s French chateau were taken from a well traveled road. That might be the case, but the road is reportedly a half mile from where Kate and William were hanging out. That’s why the shots were so blurry. It’s not because the photographer had a bad camera. It’s because the couple really were enjoying a private moment a long way off from any other human beings.

According to E! Online, violating one’s privacy in France carries with it a jail term of one year and/ or a $60,000 fine. Considering the royals have already filed one lawsuit, it’s far from a stretch to think they’d expand it in the future if the photographer is ever publically identified.

What do you think? Should the photographer be prosecuted for what he did, or should we give him a free pass for just trying to make some money? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

What Should Happen To The Photographer?

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