Michael Jordan Denies Being The Father, Blasts Pamela Smith For Her Lawsuit

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Michael Jordan has finally responded to the paternity lawsuit filed against him last week, and not surprisingly, he is less than pleased about having to deal with the situation. In documents filed in Fulton County Superior Court, MJís attorney ripped Pamela Smith for claiming he fathered her sixteen-year-old son and asked the court to not only dismiss the lawsuit but sanction the plaintiff for making false claims.

According to The Huffington Post, much of the NBA legendís pre-trial defense centers on uncovered court documents from Smithís divorce. During that trial, the paternity of the child was allegedly discussed and her ex-husband was cited as the kidís father. If so, thatís a damning blow to her case, but if no test was conducted at the time, itís not necessarily a death blow. Women do sometimes lie about paternity in order to protect their children and/ or their partner and/ or their own reputations.

Throughout these legal proceedings, Smith has made it clear that she had no interest in taking Jordan to court, but her hand was forced when her son posted a YouTube video claiming Jordan was his father on Christmas Day. Obviously, the six-time NBA Champion disagrees with that claim and is ready to do anything in his power to make the matter go away.

All parties are due in court on March 12. Smith reportedly does not have an attorney yet, but assumedly, she will have acquired one by that date. For her sake, I hope the chosen party is good because MJís lawyer certainly is.
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