One Track Sunday: Portugal. The Man Meets Girl. The Monster

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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Portugal. The Man has always been about doing things a little bit differently. Anyone can see this within seconds of spotting the bandís name typed out for the first time (The period is not a grammatical error). The band also took a bit of a different route, becoming prominent through using DIY forums like Purevolume, and yes, Myspace. After touring extensively, the quartet released their sixth studio album, In the Mountain in the Cloud, in 2011 and has been popping out singles ever since.

The bandís newest music video endeavor, ďAll Your Light (Times Like These),Ē is both catchy and strangely feral, introducing us to a world of deadbeat trailer home residents, poor behavioral choices, and a connection between a girl and a monster. Itís the sort of story that is much easier to watch as it unfolds than to be given an explanation after. If you are not interested in a little gore, however, be sure to not take the advice in the former sentence.

Itís too bad RZA, who appears on the track, did not take part in the filming of this absurdity.
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