There are certain movies, songs, video games and pop culture moments that wind up being remembered. From American Beauty to the meteoric rise of Eminem, we might not remember they first happened in 1999, but we sure as hell remember they exist. Hundreds of other things that seem really relevant at the time, however, just slowly drift away over the years, leading us to watch a video like this and say things like, “Holy Shit! I forgot how excited people were about Macy Gray.”

The clip in question was made by YouTube user ThePeterson, and while it isn’t the only tribute to ’99, it is one of the most exhaustive. It zigs and zags between dozens and dozens of classic clips and actually makes a pretty solid effort to string the music together. It might not be Girl Talk, but the transitions aren’t jarring to the ears and many of them actually work.

As for my favorite 1999 partially forgotten moment in retrospect, that would have to be Fatboy Slim’s brilliant video for “Praise You”. It’s so odd and unnerving, yet strangely beautiful and perfect for the track.

You can take a look at the video in its entirety below…



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