Seth Meyers is getting married. The thirty-nine-year-old comedian popped the question to girlfriend Alexi Ashe, and she gave him a big fat yes. None of the specifics as far as dates or locations have been planned yet, but given all the life changes Meyers is about to go through, the timing makes a whole lot of sense.

The Saturday Night Live head writer will leave his beloved show halfway through the next season in order to take over for Jimmy Fallon on the 12:30 Late Night show after he takes over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. No doubt the swap will mean a different kind of hectic lifestyle, but because he’ll have weekends off and because the show doesn’t air live, the life change should allow him to be more involved in the wedding details.

Meyers and Ashe met several years ago at the wedding of a mutual friend. They hit it off almost immediately, and in the time since, they’ve continually been referred to as “solid” by their close friends. In fact, potential engagement rumors have been swirling since all the way back in 2011, as per US Weekly. With his job as a comedian and her job as a human rights lawyer, they seem to offer each other plenty of balance and enough altering perspectives to make a good team.

The always in-demand Meyers has spent more than the last half decade delivering his humorous take on each week’s most intriguing political events and slimiest gossip stories. As host of Weekend Update, he’s picked up where so many of the greats have left off and carved out a must see television segment during the middle of Weekend Update. So, in his honor, here’s some snarky, Weekend Update-esque jokes to celebrate the happy and exciting news…

Seth Meyers is engaged. It’ll be the first marriage for the Weekend Update anchor, and for his sake, I hope it goes better than Chevy Chase’s first marriage to Suzanne, Norm Macdonald’s first marriage to Connie, Kevin Nealon’s first marriage to Linda and Amy Poehler’s first marriage to Will Arnett.

Here’s another one…

Seth Meyers is preparing to walk down the aisle with a human rights lawyer named Alexi Ashe. So, in case you’re wondering, she’s the one to talk to about all the pain and mental suffering her fiance’s non-Weekend Update Saturday Night Live career has caused you.

Okay, just one more…

Seth Meyers and new fiancée Alexi Ashe haven’t figured out where they’re going to get married yet. Her number one priority is reportedly finding a quaint space in New York City, while his number one priority is finding a venue that has its own teleprompter.

Meyers might not publicize his personal life too much, but he’s usually good for a few stories now and again. As such, plenty of these wedding details should come forward over the next few months. When we hear ‘em, we’ll bring ‘em your way.



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