Watch Jennifer Lawrence's Academy Awards Red Carpet Wipeout

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Jennifer Lawrence doesnít have the best track record when it comes to getting through ceremonies without creating weird headlines. During last yearís Oscar extravaganza, she wiped out on the way up to accept her Best Actress Oscar. During the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes, she photobombed the shit out of Taylor Swift, and earlier tonight, she slipped on the Red Carpet and threw her hands in the air like she'd been shot.

And because weíre collectively getting way better at the Internet, a GIF was made almost immediately. Itís been circulating ever since, and like everything else about Lawrence, itís oddly endearing, mostly because itís so light-hearted. Thatís the key, really, and thatís why such a huge percentage of people love Lawrence. Actors, as a whole, have a problem with pretention. They can often seem like theyíre trying too hard. She seems like the opposite, and when she meses up and does something foolish, she belly laughs like itís the funniest thing in the world.

Here's another look at her wipeout...

We still donít know whether or not Lawrence will win for her performance in American Hustle. Thereís actually a very good chance of that happening. Since she already got her weird moment out of the way this time around, however, thereís every reason to hope sheíll be able to get on stage and off, without any shenanigans.

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