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Boardwalk Empire Watch: Season 4, Episode 4 - All In image
As fantastic as Boardwalk Empire is, it's hard to want to watch and discuss the HBO period drama when the last episode of Breaking Bad is on AMC at the exact same time. The events in Atlantic City are almost always compelling, with 1924 being another banner year for the series so far, however, it's hard to concentrate on a measly fourth installment with the another seminal series airing its highly anticipated series finale. Even when they go "All In."
Jesse Carp 2013-09-30
Boardwalk Empire Renewed For Season 5 On HBO image
HBO’s Boardwalk Empire has only aired three episodes this season, but apparently that’s enough for the subscription cable network to give the go-ahead for next year’s Season 5. With storylines in Chicago, New York, Atlantic City and elsewhere, the drama rarely runs out of things to talk about and signing on for a fifth season almost seems to be a formality.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-26
Boardwalk Empire Watch: Season 4, Episode 3 - Acres Of Diamonds image
Even though the Emmys forgot to nominate Boardwalk Empire for Outstanding Drama Series at least they came to their senses and awarded the Outstanding Supporting Actor (in a Drama Series) statue to Bobby Cannavale for his fantastic work on the period piece last season. Don't worry, Breaking Bad fanatics. Aaron Paul will win again next year. Well, unless Jeffrey Wright continues to impress as Dr. Valentin Narcisse, Season 4's Gyp Rosetti.
Jesse Carp 2013-09-23
Boardwalk Empire Watch: Season 4, Episode 2 - Resignation image
Even if it didn't have time to visit all our favorite characters, "New York Sour" was a bloody good welcome back to the Boardwalk. The Season 4 premiere of HBO's bootlegging drama not only did a nice job tying up a lot of last year's loose ends but also introducing new characters and conflicts for the new season. Kill and recruit, that's the key to Boardwalk Empire's success.
Jesse Carp 2013-09-16
Boardwalk Empire Preview: Season 4, Episode 2 - Resignation  image
After Boardwalk Empire's fantastic fourth season premiere, the promo for the second episode, “Resignation,” makes this week look every bit as entertaining. "Who's feeling like a hero?" In Boardwalk Empire, probably nobody. There aren't many heroes left on the should have been Emmy nominated drama except for Margaret. Sadly, still no sight of her yet.
Jesse Carp 2013-09-12
Boardwalk Empire’s Season 4 Premiere Could Have Used A Little Margaret Thompson image
Boardwalk Empire has predominantly been a show about bootleggers, gangsters, and illicit activities. It’s a big boys club, and for the most part that has been perfectly alright. Then, last season, Kelly Macdonald’s character, Margaret Thompson, blossomed into an even more complicated woman that fell in love with someone else and got into the women’s rights movement, teaching prenatal care classes. Her voice became a welcome counterpoint.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-09
Boardwalk Empire Watch: Season 4 Premiere - New York Sour image
The fourth season of Boardwalk Empire began last night and, as usual, the HBO series kicked things off with a bang. Last year, the critically acclaimed drama didn't miss a beat even after killing off the (co-)lead, filling the huge hole with some riveting storytelling and sensational guest stars. But most of them also got murdered before the season was done. Can the bloody, bootlegging drama fill the holes for Season 4? "New York Sour" was a hell of a start...
Jesse Carp 2013-09-09
Boardwalk Empire Season 4: A Look Back And A Look Ahead image
HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Revisited' does a great job recapping the many, and often fatal, events that took place in Atlantic City last year and just in time to prep for the fourth season premiere. Nucky managed to take care of one upstart New York gangster but there's always going to be another would be king vying for the throne, not to mention the many other conflicts across the east coast. 1924 is going to be a bloody good year.
Jesse Carp 2013-09-08
2013 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows image
September is upon us, and with it comes the return of our favorite TV shows, as well as the premieres of many of the new series on deck to debut on network and cable TV. From the early starters, including Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy and The Legend of Korra, to the October arrivals, including Grimm, American Horror Story: Coven and The Walking Dead and everything in between, we have plenty to look forward to this fall!
Kelly West 2013-08-30
Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Trailer Is All Business image
Without mentioning the undeserving nominees, it's shameful that Boardwalk Empire was not nominated for Best Drama at this year's Emmys. The third season of the prohibition drama might have been the best the HBO series has produced so far but recognized or not it's "Business" as usual with the new spot assuring customers that Season 4 will continue to deliver a high quality product. "No reign goes unchallenged..."
Jesse Carp 2013-08-13
Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Tease: Welcome Back To The Boardwalk image
Game of Thrones's third season came to an end on Sunday night but HBO made damn sure to let audiences know that there's plenty more where that came from. Not more GoT, (until next year), just plenty more quality programming to look forward to in the coming months. And among the many high-profile teases the network released on the weekend, Boardwalk Empire saying "Welcome Back" was by far the most thrilling.
Jesse Carp 2013-06-11
Boardwalk Empire, Clear History And Hello Ladies Premiere Dates Set By HBO image
Earlier today, HBO announced that its comedy series, Eastbound & Down, would end after Season 4. While that’s bad news for fans of the series, the network also announced some good news today. Not only has Boardwalk Empire finally gotten a Season 4 premiere date, but Larry David’s original movie, Clear History, and Stephen Merchant’s new comedy, Hello Ladies, are also headed to the schedule very soon.
Jessica Rawden 2013-06-06
Boardwalk Empire's Michael Zegen Joins Girls' Season 3 image
Michael Zegen has been associated with numerous popular TV shows in recent years, including FX’s former program Rescue Me, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Now, he’s signing on for a comedy-oriented gig on another HBO program, Girls.
Jessica Rawden 2013-06-03
Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Preview Teases A Meeting Of Kings image
At just over 20 seconds, it's definitely a tease but at least the "When Kings Meet" promo for the fourth season of Boardwalk Empire offers a bit of actual footage. Most of the time 'first look' is a bit of a misnomer since teasers often just offer some graphics and a bit of voice-over before the full trailers inevitably show too much. Okay, I'll stop with the Goldilocks, 'too hot, too cold' complaining and just appreciate the fact that we got a small taste of the prohibition drama's fall return.
Jesse Carp 2013-05-20
Girls And Enlightened Season 2 Plus Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Get Blu-ray And DVD Release Dates image
HBO sent out an early announcement on Friday to explain that the network will be putting together home entertainment releases for three of its programs. One release should be epic, another should be fun for fans, and the third will probably be bittersweet. HBO will release Girls: The Complete Second Season, Enlightened: The Complete Second Season, and Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season in August. I’ll leave you to figure out which sets gets which adjective.
Jessica Rawden 2013-05-11
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