Sons Of Anarchy Brings Glee's Lea Michele Up To The Mic For Guest Role image
Sons of Anarchy is paving the road to Season 7 with excitement, surprising fans with against-the-grain casting choices. So it makes complete sense (by making no sense at all) that the latest guest star to join the violent drama is Glee actress and singer Lea Michele.
Nick Venable 2014-07-28
Sons Of Anarchy Prequel Series In The Works image
Over the course of the show, fans have watched as Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller navigates the harsh and brutal world of motorcycle clubs in Northern California all while being a new father and trying not to repeat the sins of his father - one of the original founders. Soon that story will be completed, but just in case you’re worried that this means that the Sons of Anarchy universe will be coming to a close, I have some good news.
Eric Eisenberg 2014-07-27
Sons Of Anarchy Lights Up A New Teaser, Adds Malcolm-Jamal Warner In Guest Role image
Here we have the third teaser for Season 7, which will be audiences’ final ride with SAMCRO and the rest of Charming’s elite. I think I feel a tear coming…no, wait, it’s just whiskey.
Nick Venable 2014-07-24
Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere Date Set, Marilyn Manson Teases His Guest Spot image
September 9, Sons of Anarchy fans! That's the day the biker drama will return to FX for its seventh and final season. And there's more! Not only will Sons of Anarchy's premiere run a bit long, but FX is also going to air the Sons post-show Anarchy Afterword following the premiere episode. FX also has plans to air a live post-show after the series finale.
Kelly West 2014-07-17
5 Deserving Shows That Will Probably Never Attain Emmy Gold image
Here are five series that never got the Primetime Emmy attention they deserve, and probably never will. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, and doesn’t reflect the entire TV landscape, but these are series that have been on for multiple years that mostly retained the same level of quality and enjoyment.
Nick Venable 2014-07-10
Sons Of Anarchy Debuts Season 7 Teaser, Adds Courtney Love For Multi-Episode Arc image
Did we just watch a teaser trailer for Ghost Rider 3: Jax Attaxx? Nope, this is the very first promo for the seventh and final season of FX’s hugely popular series Sons of Anarchy.
Nick Venable 2014-07-08
Sons Of Anarchy, American Horror Story And Other FX Comic-Con Details Revealed image
FX has lined up their Comic-Con plans, announcing panels and signing booths for some of their popular series. Archer, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy and their upcoming new drama The Strain will all be featured with panels at the San Diego convention set to take place later this month.
Kelly West 2014-07-07
Sons Of Anarchy Welcomes Back Walton Goggins' Venus Van Dam For Season 7 image
Most actors could only dream of ever playing someone as fabulous as Sons of Anarchy’s Venus Van Dam, the troubled transgender character that The Shield star Walton Goggins quickly and easily turned into one of the show’s most memorable characters.
Nick Venable 2014-07-02
Sons Of Anarchy Finds A New Sheriff With The Bridge's Annabeth Gish image
On May 28, filming began on FX’s down and dirty biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Luckily, this means casting news is revving up, and it looks like a new sheriff is coming to Charming, California, and her name is Annabeth Gish.
Nick Venable 2014-05-29
Marilyn Manson Takes A Role In Sons Of Anarchy's Last Season image
Marilyn Manson is kind of a strange guy. Like other celebrity weirdos, he likes to get up to a lot of interesting nonsense, and over the past few years, he’s begun to try his hand at acting, popping up in both dramas and comedies. This week, we learned that Manson’s next gig will take him over to FX, where he will appear in the show’s intense drama Sons of Anarchy
Jessica Rawden 2014-05-29
Mother Of Anarchy: Five Times Gemma Teller Redefined Motherhood image
She is not a bonnet-wearing, tea-sipping mother of yore, but rather a hard-living warrior whose many destructive life choices were made not only in self-preservation, but for the safety and welfare of both her SAMCRO family and more importantly, her son Jax.
Nick Venable 2014-05-11
Drea De Matteo Promoted To Series Regular For Sons Of Anarchy's Last Season image
If you’re caught up on Sons of Anarchy through Season 6, news that Drea de Matteo is being upgraded to series regular for Season 7 shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. And if you’re not caught up, read no further because we’re about to get seriously spoilery! The Sopranos star has appeared in the show on and off since the start of the motorcycle drama’s run, but this is the first time she’s going to be a regular on the show.
Kelly West 2014-01-08
2013's 10 Deadliest TV Series: The Most Shocking And Memorable Character Deaths image
A lot of people died on television in 2013. Maybe the number of small-screen fatalities are always this high but it sure seems like the past year went above and beyond in the death department. Big series offing two, three even four major characters was commonplace. No one is safe, especially on cable. Here are ten shows that featured some of the year's most memorable and/or shocking losses.
Jesse Carp 2014-01-01
Sons Of Anarchy's Shocking Season 6 Finale Earns Big Ratings  image
I went into last night’s Sons of Anarchy feeling certain I was ready for whatever the intense FX drama had in store for us with its last installment of its sixth season. I was wrong, and I doubt I was alone there, especially when we consider the total viewers who tuned in for “A Mother’s Work.” The ratings are in and Tuesday night’s episode brought in big numbers, with 5.2 million total viewers tuning in, which makes the episode the series’ most watched finale ever, though it actually fell a bit behind the Season 6 premiere (5.87 million).
Kelly West 2013-12-11
Sons of Anarchy's A Mother's Work: The Series' Best Season Finale To Date image
No one watches Sons of Anarchy for the conversations; they watch it to see the members of SAMCRO get into hectic situations where the endgame is never clear. Tonight’s “A Mother’s Work” managed to cram both meaningful and tense talks and devastating action into its nearly two-hour timeframe, with more than enough tense dialogue and blood to last another season. I haven’t been able to close my mouth properly since it ended
Nick Venable 2013-12-11
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