Alec Baldwin To Host SNL's Season Finale image
For those of you who love seeing Alec Baldwin host Saturday Night Live, youíre in luck! Word is, the 30 Rock star will be returning to host SNL for the season finale later this month.
Kelly West 2010-05-02
Alec Baldwin Says He's Quitting Acting image
Alec Baldwin says he's done with acting. Well, once his 30 Rock contract is up in 2012. In the meantime, he'll continue doing things like co-hosting the Oscars next year, and nabbing gobs and gobs of awards for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy on said 30 Rock. Assuming his contract is by season, that would have Baldwin walking after the show's sixth season.
Jason J. Hughes 2009-11-30
Alec Baldwin And Steve Martin Both Hosting The Oscars image
The Academy Awards doubles up on hosts this year with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin sharing the duties. It will be the first time for 30 Rock's Baldwin, while Martin has hosted twice before. Producers hope making it funny will make it less boring.
Jason J. Hughes 2009-11-03
30 Rock Video Clip: Stone Mountain image
Betty White and Jeff Dunham on 30 Rock! Sorry, I just can't bring myself to get nearly as excited about that second one. I know he's incredibly popular and breaking records on Comedy†Central, but come on?! He's no Betty White!
Jason J. Hughes 2009-10-27
Clips From Alec Baldwin's SNL Episode image
In terms of Alec Baldwin hosting SNL, I thought nothing would ever top his Schwetty Balls sketch from years ago but Iím thinking he might have pulled it off during last nightís episode of Saturday Night Live. The Wii Guys sketch definitely did the trick. Weíve got clips from the episode, including Dan Aykroydís appearance in the cold open, the Jonas brotherís sketch and Baldwinís opening monologue,
Kelly West 2009-02-15
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