Andy Samberg Lets Slip He's Headed To BBC Series image
Samberg is set to appear in Cuckoo, an upcoming comedy that will air on BBC Three across the pond. Sambergís role will follow him as an indolent dude who marries a British lady. In the series, trouble will arise after Samberg strikes the wrong chord with his new wifeís father.
Jessica Grabert 2012-06-05
Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis And Andy Samberg Rumored To Be Leaving SNL image
Saturday Night Live has often been a rather large stepping stone for comedic actors, many of whom have gone on to create names for themselves beyond their place on the sketch comedy series. Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis have already begun to do just that, having appeared in various films while also appearing on SNL. While it isnít a huge surprise to hear rumors that theyíre set to depart the show after this season, itís still disappointing.
Kelly West 2012-04-04
Emma Stone, Nick Cannon, And Andy Samberg To Guest Star In 30 Rock image
An upcoming episode of 30 Rock is looking stocked up with guest appearances. The NBC comedy series is set to return for its sixth season this Thursday night and in a few weeks, fans of Emma Stone, Andy Samberg and Nick Cannon will guest star on the show in the same episode.
Kelly West 2012-01-10
Shark Week Preview Video With Andy Samberg Bares Lady Gaga's Teeth image
Great bits from comedians always remain rattling around in my brain and, in light of this post, I can't help but recall Ricky Gervais' TV watching habits of only The Discovery and History Channels, meaning that he knew everything there was to know about sharks and Nazis. Of course Gervais was exaggerating, that's not all these two great channels air... well, except for the former during Shark Week. Here's the first promo...
Jesse Carp 2011-07-05
First Look At Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer For Discovery's Shark Week image
One of the biggest annual events on television is just around the corner. Yes, Shark Week is coming to Discovery at the end of July, and EW has our first look at this year's host, Andy Samberg...or, sorry, their Chief Shark Officer.
Jesse Carp 2011-06-13
Get A Preview of Gabourey Sidibe's SNL Hosting Gig This Weekend image
Sidibe does the usual spiel about the musical guest (MGMT, by the way) with Andy Samberg by her side, then alternately propositions Samberg, points a gun at him or tells him to take off his pants
Katey Rich 2010-04-21
Andy Samberg Stopping By Parks & Recreation image
Comedian Andy Samberg will reunite with his former Saturday Night Live co-star when he makes a March guest appearance on Parks & Recreation with Amy Poehler. Samberg will be playing the head of security for Pawnee's parks, putting him at odds with Leslie when she feels he slacked in his duties after a resident is accosted.
Jason J. Hughes 2010-02-03
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