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Arrow Season 2 Finale Trailer And Photos Show Heroes, Tension And Big Trouble For... image
Next Wednesday night, the "Unthinkable" will happen... and maybe not just because the Arrow Season 2 finale is titled "Unthinkable." In fact, the title may very well be a major warning that something terrible is going to happen by season's end. Will Slade kill the person Oliver loves most?
Kelly West 2014-05-09
The 100 Gets Renewed At The CW, The Tomorrow People And Others Cancelled image
In with the new unfortunately means out with the old. Or well, old-ish anyway. CW's Star-Crossed only just got its start this year, and The Tomorrow People debuted last fall, but both dramas have been cancelled by The CW, along with veteran series The Carrie Diaries.
Kelly West 2014-05-08
Arrow Season 2, Episode 22 - Streets Of Fire: 5 DCU Tie-Ins And Easter Eggs image
The last three episodes of Arrow have basically served as one giant cliffhanger for the “Unthinkable" second season finale. "Seeing Red" saw a major character meet their demise (while another was born) before “City of Blood” released Deathstroke’s super-soldiers to wreak havoc in Starling City and create this week’s titular “Streets Of Fire." Can our heroes put out the flames? Not yet. Remember, cliffhanger.
Jesse Carp 2014-05-08
Arrow Streets Of Fire Images Tease Laurel To The Rescue And Thea In Danger image
Every time I hear the title for this week's episode of Arrow, "Streets of Fire," I end up with the Rocky IV training montage song "Hearts on Fire" in my head. So with that, we'll kick off the photo preview for the penultimate episode of Arrow with an optional soundtrack for those of you who need a bit of motivation music to get you through Tuesday...
Kelly West 2014-05-06
Arrow Streets Of Fire Preview Teases Chaos In Starling And The Return Of... image
As if you couldn't tell by last night's episode of Arrow, which left things off in a pretty chaotic place in Starling City, we're down to the last couple of episodes of Season 2. The teaser for "Streets of Fire" reminds us that there are just two episodes left, in fact, with next week's installment serving as the penultimate episode of the second season. Spoilers if you aren't caught up through last night's "City of Blood."
Kelly West 2014-05-01
Arrow Season 2, Episode 21 - City Of Blood: 4 DCU Tie-Ins And Easter Eggs image
Even though last week’s Arrow was only the fourth last episode of the season, "Seeing Red" had a few moments fit for a finale. It not only said goodbye to a significant character but also included an allusion to a possibly huge addition. And all this a month before the “Unthinkable." The shocking farewell also paved the way for Starling to become a “City of Blood” and there are plenty of DCU references in this week’s cliffhanger...
Jesse Carp 2014-05-01
The Other Major Arrow Twist We Need To Talk About From Seeing Red image
This week’s Arrow had a few game changing events. While one recurring character met their untimely end in “Seeing Red,” the episode balanced out the loss by introducing another major presence during the flashbacks. To those unfamiliar with the DC Comics source material, the subplot may have seemed like typical CW-style melodrama but it’s all based on a long-standing “Green Arrow” storyline.
Jesse Carp 2014-04-25
Arrow Season 2, Episode 20 - Seeing Red: 3 DCU Tie-Ins And Easter Eggs image
Whoa. Fans should probably have been expecting someone significant to bite the dust before the end of Season 2 but perhaps not this early. Arrow still has three episodes before the "Unthinkable" finale and key characters are already starting to drop. Imagine what the series has in store for the rest of the season? But before Starling becomes a “City of Blood,” this week ”The Man Under the Hood” was distracted trying to stop his sidekick from "Seeing Red"...
Jesse Carp 2014-04-24
Is Arrow Ready To Surrender? Check Out City Of Blood Trailer, Photos And Description image
Spoilers if you haven't seen last night's Arrow ("Seeing Red")! The trailer for "City of Blood" begins with a funeral, and after last night's episode, we don't have to guess who's in the casket. But there's a lot more going on in this 30-second spot that isn't so clear.
Kelly West 2014-04-24
New Arrow Clip Has Roy 'Seeing Red'  image
It's rare that we see lead characters getting seriously injured in the present day on Arrow, but it does happen, as evidenced by the above clip, which shows Arrow and Canary facing off against the worst kind of enemy; a friend. Arrow and Canary are already at a disadvantage going up against Roy, considering he's technically an ally -- or he was, anyway. Factor in mirakuru and they may be in real trouble here.
Kelly West 2014-04-22
Arrow 'Seeing Red' Trailer And Photos Reveal Who's Out Of Control image
The title for Arrow's upcoming episode should have been indication enough that "Seeing Red" would focus on Roy, at least in part. Putting aside the obvious nod to his hoodie color, Roy's rage has been coming to a slow but intense boil all season. The preview gives us more than a few hints that Roy is back on his feet and out of control, and the same applies for the episode description for "Seeing Red."
Kelly West 2014-04-17
Arrow Season 2, Episode 19 - Man Under The Hood: 4 DCU Tie-Ins And Easter Eggs image
That’s it. No more time off until what should be an epic finale four weeks from now. Arrow’s schedule during the second-half of the season has been spotty at best but last night’s ”The Man Under the Hood” marked the first of the final, uninterrupted stretch until reaching the “Unthinkable.” And the installment was injected full of DCU references...
Jesse Carp 2014-04-17
New Arrow Clip Introduces Us To Flash's Danielle Panabaker And Carlos Valdes image
Arrow took a week off after battling “Deathstroke" and The CW has been taking advantage of the extra time to promote tomorrow night’s return. The network already released a trailer for and clip from “The Man Under the Hood” and now, the new ‘DC All Access’ shows the episode's introduction of two pivotal characters from the Flash spin-off.
Jesse Carp 2014-04-16
Deathstroke Attacks In New Arrow Clip From 'The Man Under The Hood' image
What better way to be welcomed back to your secret lair than by the gravely voice of your arch-nemesis? That's how the new clip for this week's Arrow begins. Oliver is literally mid-sentence, talking about how Slade's not going to stop when -- speak of the devil -- there's Slade, ready for a fight and pretty unnecessarily armed...
Kelly West 2014-04-15
No New Arrow Tonight, But Don't Blame Stephen Amell image
There's no new Arrow tonight. Those who tune into the CW tonight at 8:00 expecting to see Oliver and Deathstroke face off will be disappointed to find "Time of Death" airing instead. But I mean, in terms of reruns, that was a pretty great episode so before you start chucking stuff at your television, flash back to the memory of Felicity being adorably loopy on "aspirin."
Kelly West 2014-04-09
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