Could Vixen Get Her Own Live-Action Show? image
Vixen is starring in her own animated series on CW Seed and will soon make her live action debut on Arrow. Could this mean the superheroine is being prepped for her own show on the network?
Adam Holmes 2016-01-12
Is Felicity Becoming Oracle? Here's The Latest image
In the weeks since the midseason finale of The CW's Arrow that featured hacker extraordinaire Felicity Smoak getting seriously hurt, a popular and well-supported theory arose that she might take over the comic book character Oracle. But will she?
Laura Hurley 2016-01-11
Felicity's Real Fate Just Leaked From The Set Of Arrow image
At the end of Arrow Season 4’s midseason finale “Dark Waters,” Felicity was badly wounded during Damien Darhk’s attack. Now her fate on the show has been leaked. Spoilers ahead!
Adam Holmes 2016-01-08
How John Barrowman Plans To Tell Malcolm Merlyn's Backstory image
There isn’t much we know about Malcolm Merlyn’s life on Arrow when he’s not around Team Arrow, but that’s going to change thanks to this new project being worked on by Merlyn’s actor John Barrowman.
Adam Holmes 2016-01-07
What Diggle Will Actually Do When He Crosses Over To The Flash image
Actor David Ramsey, who plays Arrow’s John Diggle teased this past weekend that he would be appearing on The Flash later this season. Now we finally have the details of what he’ll be doing in Central City.
Adam Holmes 2016-01-07
Another Arrow Crossover Is Coming To The Flash image
It wasn’t that long ago that we last saw the citizens of Star City and Central City sharing space with one another for the heavily promoted crossover event between Arrow and The Flash. But it looks like there may be more connective tissues between the series on the way.
Nick Venable 2016-01-06
The 10 Best TV Characters DC Introduced In 2015, Ranked image
It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say this was DC Comics’ biggest year int television so far, so it makes sense that with everything that happened, viewers were treated to a lot of great new players across their various shows.
Adam Holmes 2015-12-31
The 10 Best TV Fight Scenes of 2015 image
From the fantastical to the darkly gritty, fight scenes ruled all in 2015. There's nothing a little good old-fashioned violence can't solve. A look back at the top ten greatest small screen fight scenes that took place over the course of the last year.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-12-31
Will Arrow's Stephen Amell Appear On Supernatural? Here's Why We're Hopeful image
Stephen Amell is no stranger to hopping away from Arrow to appear elsewhere on The CW, and there’s the slight possibility that he might leave his quiver behind for the demon-filled world of Supernatural next year.
Nick Venable 2015-12-31
16 Biggest WTF Moments Of The 2015 TV Season image
While it would have been impossible to include every WTF moment that passed in front of our eyes this year, here are the 16 most bonkers surprises, twists, deaths and all around oddities that TV gave us in 2015.
Nick Venable 2015-12-31
DC Comics To Be Celebrated With Two Specials, Get The Details image
Already home of The Flash, Arrow, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, The CW will be airing a pair of specials that look like they’ll be positively epic for fans of the DC universe.
Laura Hurley 2015-12-30
The 10 Most Pirated TV Shows In 2015 image
While a good chunk of people still subscribe to cable and even more people get TV programs from Hulu, Netflix and other legal alternatives, there are plenty of people in the universe who illegally download TV programs, and while pirating generally only accounts for a small percentage of the overall viewership of a show, some series’ still pull in big numbers through pirating.
Jessica Rawden 2015-12-27
The Bold Direction Arrow Is Probably Taking Felicity In image
When we left Arrow earlier this month in the episode “Dark Waters,” things went badly for Oliver and Felicity, and the latter was left in a potentially fatal situation. But instead of a deathbed, we think that the show will take Felicity down another comic book character's path.
Adam Holmes 2015-12-25
5 Struggling TV Shows That Need To Get Better image
Let’s face it, some of our favorites have fallen a little short of expectations as of late. But, we keep watching. I like to call this “hope-watching.” It’s the simple idea of holding on to a show when it’s really not working for you anymore, all in the hope that it’ll light your world on fire again. Now, here’s a few shows that need to get better in order to hold our attention for much longer.
Adrienne Jones 2015-12-23
The 10 Most Popular Comic Book Shows On Television, Ranked image
Your televisions have never been home to more scripted series than they were in 2015, and this overall peak in recent years has seen a sizeable trickle of comic book TV shows emerging and (mostly) surviving. Here are the 10 most popular ones, at least as far as ratings are concerned.
Nick Venable 2015-12-21
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