The 10 Most Badass Women On Television In 2014 image
This has been an awesome year for women on TV with some truly awesome characters, and thankfully, the ladies aren't beholden to any one specific network or even format. From premium cable to network television to basic cable, these ladies are different ages and different nationalities.
Kendall Ashley 2014-12-24
The 2 Reasons Arrow's Big Ra's Al Ghul Fight Scene Had To Be Shirtless image
Arrow star Stephen Amell recently shared with fans the main two reasons why the snowy midseason finale fight with Ra’s al Ghul was one completely free from warmth-creating shirts. And “moistening up the place” wasn’t one of the answers.
Nick Venable 2014-12-20
Why Ray Palmer Will End Up Being An Incredibly Important Character On Arrow image
Ray Palmer has already proved to be an interesting character this season on Arrow, and judging by the path the writers seem to be setting up for him, he just might become one of the most important individuals on the show.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-17
Watch Stephen Amell Teach Arrow Fans How To Do The Salmon Ladder image
This past weekend, Arrow star Stephen Amell posted a simple tutorial explaining how to do the salmon ladder, Oliver Queen’s favorite exercise. Warning: there’s a steep learning curve.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-15
Arrow Is Adding This Comic Book Character In A Major Role image
Arrow is taking a hiatus after Oliver’s climactic fight with Ra’s al Ghul, but when it returns next month, there will be plenty of comic book-goodness awaiting. Another comic book character has been been announced for Arrow Season 3, only this individual comes from the stranger side of the DC Universe.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-12
Arrow Season 3, Episode 9 Watch: DCU Connections And Easter Eggs image
How could Arrow possible follow last week's epic crossover event? Well, bringing in one of Batman's biggest-bads doesn't hurt, especially since the superhero series has been teasing the villain for over a season. And Ra's al Ghul finally showed more than just his face for "The Climb," a family-oriented midseason finale fans won't soon forget. Happy Holidays!
Jesse Carp 2014-12-10
This Arrow Villain Will Return During Season 3 image
A lot of familiar faces are returning for Arrow Season 3, and now it’s been announced that the first villain to fight Oliver this season will be returning to go another round with the Starling City archer.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-10
Watch Arrow's Felicity Answer Fan Questions From Her Bathtub image
This weekend, the official Arrow Twitter page posted a video of Felicity Smoak actress Emily Bett Rickards answering fan questions from a bathtub. It may sound weird, but this is definitely worth every Arrow fan’s time.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-10
8 Great Comics Every Fan Of The CW's Arrow Should Check Out image
Tonight is the midseason finale of Arrow, meaning we won't be getting any new episodes until next month, but fear not! There are plenty of great comic stories to read out if you're a fan of Starling City's archer. Here are the stories you should check out now.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-10
Check Out This Epic Shirtless Fight In Tonight's Arrow image
Oliver Queen has heard of the legend and faced his League of Assassins, and tonight he finally comes face-to-face Arrow’s main antagonist this season: Ra’s al Ghul. Check out the preview for tonight’s epic showdown.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-10
How Ra's Al Ghul Is Different From Every Other Arrow Villain image
Season 3’s highly anticipated reveal of iconic DC villain Ra’s al Ghul, which will happen this week, is going to be a somewhat different affair for Arrow, in that he isn’t a guy whose only focus is playing against the rules.
Nick Venable 2014-12-09
Arrow Will Clash With This Team Of Super Villains image
One of the lingering plot-threads on Arrow is the mystery of John Diggle’s brother Andy being murdered. According to actor David Ramsey, the show will be touching upon the organization who ordered the hit, as well as teased the return of a certain Squad.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-05
The 4 Best Things About The Flash And Arrow Crossover And Why Arrow Won image
Arrow is one of the best scripted series on TV right now. The Flash has the potential to be. The obvious reason to do a double-episode crossover event between Arrow and The Flash is the stunt appeal, and likely an effort to broaden both audiences a bit.
Kelly West 2014-12-04
The Flash And Arrow Crossover Crushed Last Night, Get The Ratings image
One of the motivations behind TV crossovers is bringing two different series’ audiences to one programming block, and while this week’s two-night mash-up between Arrow and The Flash didn’t do exactly that, it was a still huge success for The CW. How good? Find out.
Nick Venable 2014-12-04
Arrow Season 3, Episode 8 Watch: DCU Connections And Easter Eggs image
After taking a night off, Arrow is not just back this week, he's pulling double duty. The first part of the super-hyped CW comic-book crossover, ”Flash vs. Arrow," aired last night and, as the title suggests, it was more of a superhero showdown than a partnership. Thankfully, Part II, “The Brave and the Bold,” is another opportunity for the Green Hood to teach the Red Streak a few crime-fighting lessons.
Jesse Carp 2014-12-03
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