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Big Brother Season 16 Watch: Post-Veto Drama And The Week 3 Eviction image
Big points to all the Big Brother houseguests who did some kind of shimmy or chest-bump with one another as they headed in and out of the diary room to cast their vote. We've seen this kind of goofiness in that corridor before, but some of those moves seemed particularly well choreographed tonight. But enough about the corridor shenanigans, let's talk about the drama!
Kelly West 2014-07-10
Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Post-Veto House Drama image
Some major game-related events transpired in the Big Brother house. Anyone who's been watching the live feeds, or even last night's episode, might have predicted that. We have the results of the Veto ceremony here! To say that house-chaos has ensued seems relatively fair.
Kelly West 2014-07-07
Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations, Battle Of The Block And Veto Winners image
Following last Thursday night's live episode of Big Brother Season 16, we knew we were in for an interesting week. Would the Bomb Squad stand united for another week, or would the alliance collapse under its own weight? It seems like it's only a matter of time, especially with Amber and Devin on the block together. With two Bomb Squad members in control again, you'd think it would be another easy week! Yeah, not so much.
Kelly West 2014-07-06
Big Brother 16 Watch: Live Eviction And Two New Heads Of Household image
Now that we've gotten to know the houseguests of Big Brother a bit better, it's much easier to feel excited by the outcome of the Head of Household competitions. As fun as the first endurance competition was, it was hard to really feel all that invested in the winners.
Kelly West 2014-07-03
Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Was The Veto Used? image
Big Brother Season 16's Sunday night episode revealed which of the two Heads of Household managed to hold onto their title, and which two nominees are still on the block. Those who've been keeping up with the live feeds already know who won the Veto, and we now know whether or not it was used! Before we get to those details though, here's a fun preview for Wednesday night's episode...
Kelly West 2014-07-01
Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto?  image
Tonight's episode of Big Brother is expected to reveal the nomination ceremony, and possibly also the Battle of the Block competition. With a new competition in the mix, it's hard to know exactly how this will impact the scheduling of events until a full week's cycle plays out. With that in mind, we have all of the updates through the Veto competition, so this article most definitely contains spoilers...
Kelly West 2014-06-29
Big Brother Premiere Ratings Are In And The Live Feeds Are Live image
On one hand, for Big Brother fans, it's well worth celebrating that the CBS reality series returned with improved ratings this year. On the other hand, the bump in numbers may encourage CBS to split the premiere episode in half again next year. I don't love that. But if improved premiere ratings mean a better shot at Season 17 happening, we can hardly complain.
Kelly West 2014-06-27
Big Brother 16 Premiere Watch Part 2: Major Game-changer  image
Big Brother aired the second part of its two part Season 16 premiere tonight, introducing us to the other eight houseguests and finally explaining how this two-Head-of-Household situation is going to work.
Kelly West 2014-06-26
Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 2 Preview Reveals The Next HoH Competition... And Winner? image
Following last night's "Part 1" of the two-part Season 16 of Big Brother, CBS has released a preview to promote tonight's episode, which will hopefully answer the questions the first part didn't, and will certainly introduce us to the other half of the house. But is it also offering up a major clue about the second Head of Household? Very possibly. Potential spoilers ahead!
Kelly West 2014-06-26
Big Brother 16 Premiere Watch Part 1: The Game Is On... Almost image
An hour after the first episode of Big Brother kicks off, this is usually the point where we say that the game is on! But the game isn't really on, because CBS split the premiere into two episodes, introducing us to half the Season 16 household and leaving us hanging on a couple of major twists.
Kelly West 2014-06-25
Big Brother 16 Head Of Household Competition Preview Shows Only 8 Houseguests Playing image
Big Brother Season 16 will premiere in a matter of hours, and CBS has given us a preview of the first Head of Household competition. What's especially notable about this competition, which seems to recycle the log-rolling competition that we've seen in past seasons, only features eight players competing.
Kelly West 2014-06-25
Big Brother 16 Will Introduce New Houseguests And Big Game Twists Tonight image
Big Brother returns tonight! If you're a fan, you already know that, but let's take a moment and celebrate that as we obsess over everything we don't know (and a few things we do) about this season. Like the twist! The cast full of (relative) unknowns! Urban treehouse!
Kelly West 2014-06-25
Big Brother 16 Houseguests Revealed: Our First Impressions image
Following up a tour of the Big Brother Season 16 house and the semi-reveal of what sounds like some major twists to the format of the game, CBS has finally revealed the identities of BB16's houseguests! The good news is, they're newbies! I know people are always hopeful that there will be some or many returning favorites, and that can certainly make for interesting twists, but with a fresh crop of houseguests comes the potential for a great season.
Kelly West 2014-06-19
Big Brother Season 16 Will Have Two Heads Of Household And Other Twists image
Today on The Talk, Big Brother host Julie Chen teased the most "twisted season" ever as she announced a number of big twists to the format of the game, including the fact that there will be two Heads of Household and four nominees each week.
Kelly West 2014-06-18
Big Brother 16 House Photos Reveal An Urban Treehouse And A New Memory Wall image
Here it comes, Big Brother fans! With Season 16 of the reality series poised to premiere next week, we're now finally getting some clues about what's ahead. The house has been revealed, and it's for the birds! That's my attempt at tree humor, as the theme of the Big Brother house this season is "Urban treehouse" and based on these glimpses, that's made for some very creative decor.
Kelly West 2014-06-18
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