Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto? image
Spoiler alert: This live feed update contains spoilers that have not been revealed in the Big Brother episode, including who was nominated, who won Battle of the Block, who's reigning Head of Household, who won the Veto and what the plan for it is, as of Sunday afternoon. 
Kelly West 2015-07-05
Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Nominations And Who Won Battle Of The Block? image
Spoiler alert: This live feed update contains spoilers that have not been revealed in the Big Brother episode, including who was nominated, who won Battle of the Block and who is reigning Head of Household for the week.
Kelly West 2015-07-03
Big Brother 17 Watch: Twins Officially Revealed, And Who Will Get Kathy Griffin's Last Laugh?  image
So much Big Brother, so little time in the live episode to actually cover it all. Spoilers ahead from tonight's episode of Big Brother, including which houseguest was evicted...
Kelly West 2015-07-02
Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Who's Nominated And Who Won The Veto? image
This article contains Big Brother information that has not yet been revealed in the episodes, including who's nominated, who won the Battle of the Block and who won the Veto. Spoilers ahead!
Kelly West 2015-06-28
Big Brother Season 17 Premiere Part 2 Watch: Aliens, A Takeover And More Houseguests image
The second part of the two-night Big Brother Season 17 premiere aired tonight, introducing the remaining houseguests and the first official BB Takeover... assuming the Entertainment Tonight Kevin Frazier appearance last night doesn't count.
Kelly West 2015-06-25
Big Brother Premiere Reveals A Major Twist And More To Come For Season 17  image
Big Brother Season 17 premiere (Part 1) spoilers ahead! Big Brother is back, which means summer has begun. There are big twists ahead, one of which may seem very familiar to those who've been watching this show for a long time.
Kelly West 2015-06-24
Big Brother 17: Boldly Predicting Where The Houseguests Will Finish Before The Season Starts image
Season 17 of Big Brother will be underway soon, and in anticipation of the premiere, we've taken a look at the Houseguests profiles and interviews.
Josh Tyler, Kelly West, Mack Rawden 2015-06-18
Big Brother Has Signed On Its First Transgender Contestant image
After 16 seasons on the air, a TV series usually has to do something insanely different in order to break new ground. But for its upcoming Season 17, Big Brother is following a growing line of TV shows by bringing in a transgender houseguest.
Nick Venable 2015-06-17
2015 Summer TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows image
You can only swim, hike, tan and play baseball for so long before you need to take an hour off and relax indoors with your favorite show. Fortunately, we have a handy schedule of premiere dates to make that process easier. Here's our summer TV premiere schedule.
Jessica Rawden 2015-03-29
CBS Will Feature Big Brother, Under The Dome And Two More Shows This Summer image
CBS has started to put together a pretty compelling summer lineup. Today, the network announced that three of its original programs will be returning this summer, along with a brand new TV series based on a bestseller by James Patterson.
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-26
Big Brother's Donny Is Getting His Bold And The Beautiful Appearance, And He's Bringing Friends image
Upon being evicted from the Big Brother house during Season 16, the eventual America's Favorite Player Donny Thompson was told he was going to get to appear in an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.
Kelly West 2014-10-23
The Sad Explanation For Evel Dick's Sudden Exit From Big Brother 13 Revealed image
Back in 2011, Big Brother brought in six contestants from previous seasons to compete with a group of new players. Among them was Dick "Evel Dick" Donato and his daughter Daniele, both of whom competed and won Big Brother 8. It was looking like we were in for another season of Evel Dick's entertainingly obnoxious antics inside the Big Brother house.
Kelly West 2014-10-01
Big Brother 16's Cody Explains That Crucial Choice He Made During The Finale image
One thing that was clear early on during last night's episode of Big Brother was that the only way Derrick wasn't going to win Season 16 was if he wasn't in the Final 2. So how does Cody feel about the big decision he had to make during the finale? As of right now, he has no regrets. And Derrick has confirmed what he would have done if he'd been in Cody's place.
Kelly West 2014-09-25
Big Brother Will Be Back For Season 17 And Season 18 image
In a matter of hours, Big Brother will crown its 16th winner. We knew from the previous casting announcement that the CBS reality competition series would be back for at least one more season. But today CBS officially announced that Big Brother has been renewed for two more seasons.
Kelly West 2014-09-24
Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers And Speculation: Who's Going To Win This Season?  image
The weird scheduling of the final week's worth of episodes of Big Brother 16 has left a pretty sizable gap between episodes. It's kind of taken some of the wind out of the momentum building up to the finale. But the finale is nearly upon us and tomorrow night, Big Brother Season 16 will have a winner. Who will it be? We're about to speculate.
Kelly West 2014-09-23
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