Game Of Thrones, March Madness And 10 Other Reasons To Watch TV In March image
For the colder states, March can feel like an eternity, as winter drags on and we look forward to spring. Winter is here, but it's also coming, in the more figurative, fantastical sense. Game of Thrones returns for its third season in March. But the HBO fantasy-drama is just one of the ten TV highlights worth looking forward to as March gets underway. There's also Celebrity Apprentice, basketball, The Voice and a couple of anticipated season finales, among some other reasons to set your DVR.
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Smash, Celebrity Apprentice All Stars, 1600 Penn And Other NBC Premiere Dates Set image
Earlier, we shared the good news that NBC had finally set the new return date for Community. Sure, we have to wait until February, which seems like a long time to wait, considering it was supposed premiere this month, but on the bright side, the show has landed a Thursday night time slot. Community isn't the only series with a return date. NBC set the season premieres for Smash, Celebrity Apprentice and the fourth season of The Voice.
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All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Contestants Include Bret Michaels, Omarosa And Gary Busey image
The official word is in! NBC has released the list of fourteen returning contestants set to compete in All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Eight male celebrities and six females from seasons past will team up once again to show their business sense and use their celebrity status to earn and win money for charity. Who's coming back? Among the contestants is one past winner and one former Apprentice contestant.
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Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars Will Bring Four Former Champs Into The Boardroom image
A few months ago, NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice was reportedly planning an All-Stars season for midseason. At the time, it even seemed as if former winners might get the chance to compete in the prestigious competition. Now, Celebrity Apprentice producers have confirmed the 6th installment of the series will be an All-Stars event. However, instead of competing, the former winners will take on a very different role.
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Celebrity Apprentice Reportedly Planning For An All Star Season  image
While I wouldn't say the most recent installment of Celebrity Apprentice was my favorite of the series, it definitely had its moments and it had some great contestants that I'd love to see given another chance. The same could be said about the contestants from all of the previous Celebrity Apprentice seasons. And it seems some of them may get that opportunity. Word is, the next Celebrity Apprentice will be an All Star season.
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Adam Carolla Shares Explanation For Arsenio Hall's Celebrity Apprentice Win image
Apparently, from what Carolla said, everyone was in agreement that Clay should win. They were asked about it in the boardroom, which wasn't shown during the finale. "They went around and asked everybody, 'Who do you think should win?''" Carolla said. "And everyone just said 'Clay.' Even people on Arsenio's team just said 'Clay should win. He's just the strongest player.'"
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Celebrity Apprentice Winner Arsenio Hall May Get A New Talk Show image
During Sunday’s finale of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, one of the big things separating the two finalists was what they hoped to achieve with their recent introductions back into the pop culture lexicon. Clay Aiken seemed to really want the Apprentice title to overcome the jokes he received about getting second on American Idol a decade ago. Arsenio Hall, on the other hand, stated he hoped to parlay an Apprentice win into a new talk show hosting gig. And why not?
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Celebrity Apprentice Preview: Clay, Aubrey And Arsenio Plead Their Case image
Yesterday we shared the promo for this Sunday's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, which revealed that the next firing would take place within the first ten minutes of the episode. We now have some clips from the episode, three of which appear to take place during that small time frame, and have the final three contestants pleading their case to Donald.
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The Celebrity Apprentice Preview: Who's In The Final Two? image
Who's going to make the Final Two in this season's Celebrity Apprentice? We'll find out during Sunday night's episode. In fact, according to the promo, the last pre-finale firing will take place within the first ten minutes of the episode. Check it out ahead and see the previously fired contestants returned to work on the final tasks.
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Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: And Then There Were Three image
At the beginning of this week’s task, Elle and CHI showed up, and for a second, I thought I was smack dab in the middle of an episode of Project Runway. Then, Trump opened his mouth instead of the soft, slightly Germanic accent of Heidi Klum and I realized this would probably be some sort of Celebrity Apprentice advertising challenge. I was right.
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Celebrity Apprentice Preview: Clay And Lisa Play A Prank And The Contestants Get Blown Away image
If I were a betting woman, I'd put money on this season of Celebrity Apprentice coming down to Clay and Aubrey. And while I'd love to see Clay finally take first place (I'm still not quite over Season 2 of Idol), I can't say I don't think Aubrey wouldn't deserve to win if she makes it to the end. I feel certain she would agree. But we're getting way ahead of ourselves. There are still five people in the running and anything can happen.
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Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Arsenio Hall Tries To Manage Aubrey image
This week’s task focused on the loveable Sam, the affable, smiley mascot of Good Sam, the largest company distributing RV’s in the world. I was kind of hoping teams would have to give RV tours just like last season, but instead, the teams were forced to delve into yet another live presentation, this time surrounding the writing and producing a jingle for the good ‘ol RV company.
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Penn Jillette And Celebrity Apprentice Contestants Sing About Being Fired In Clay Aiken image
It’s called “Clay Aiken by Penn Jillette” and it features Penn singing about how ridiculous the whole Trump experience is, juxtaposed with comparisons to real people who do actual, hard work… mostly working in sweat factories making iPods apparently. The video features, in addition to Jillette, many of his also fired but generally competent Celebrity Apprentice co-stars.
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Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: The Good And The Bad Of Aubrey O'Day image
This week’s Celebrity Apprentice challenge pitted Clay against Aubrey in a battle for the best male cologne project. Trump’s Success brand was the target and both teams needed to come up with a display and a pitch for two lady executives covering the cologne line. With only a day to build a display and come up with a creative theme, the teams went to task immediately.
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Celebrity Apprentice Power Rankings: Why Is Clay Aiken So Good With Puppets? image
Things would have run smoothly, had Lisa been able to maintain an aura of authority and not one of a crazy person. The bond she created with Dayana last week was nowhere to be seen and the two squabbled back and forth prior to the boardroom and then again in front of Trump. As far as skill sets went, this team dominated, however. Dayana rocked out with puppet creation, Penn capably riled up the crowd, and my God was Clay great with puppet voices.
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