Is The Penguin Really The Joker? Here's What Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor Says image
Despite the completely straightforward nature of Gotham, fans have come up with a wild theory that Cobblepot might actually be the Joker, not the Penguin. This week Taylor has finally spoken out to tell us what he thinks about this theory.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-08
5 Fascinating Things You Should Know About The Failed Batman TV Project image
If things had gone differently at Fox, we might have seen a much different Gotham airing right now. Get the details behind the Batman-oriented TV series that never made it past the pitching process after the jump. Hint: we would be seeing different villains on Fox right now.
Adam Holmes 2015-01-02
The 10 Best Crime-Solving TV Shows Of 2014 image
Thereís nothing I love more than turning on the television and trying to solve a mystery. Whether itís an easily-wrapped, hour long case on a show like Bones or a longer, sprawling mystery that slowly unfurls over an entire season, Iím ready and willing to submit my guesses.
Mack Rawden 2015-01-01
The 15 Best New TV Characters In 2014 image
You can't have a great television show without great characters. It's just not possible. And since 2014 was such a solid year for TV, there were a ton of new characters that made an indelible impression on audiences. Here are the 15 best new television characters of 2014...
Jesse Carp 2014-12-31
The 10 Most Popular Broadcast TV Shows Of 2014 Among Adults 18-49 image
What are the most popular network TV shows of 2014? Before we get into the fact that two comedies managed to top that list, which is particularly impressive in an era where network TV comedies aren't exactly thriving on the whole, let's define "popular," because this list has some very specific terms applied to it.
Kelly West 2014-12-30
The 10 Best TV Supervillains Of 2014, Ranked image
We had a variety of antagonists appear during 2014, from mob enforcers to traitors to super powered psychos. This was the live-action debut of some villains and a new interpretation for others. Step over to the dark side and take a look at who weíve picked as the best villains that were introduced on our favorite Marvel and DC TV shows during 2014
Adam Holmes 2014-12-30
TV's Best Comic Book Costumes Of 2014 image
Unusual and intricate costumes are a mainstay in superhero comics, and that was carried over in the 2014 Tv shows. Here are our picks of these best outfits worn this past year in comic book TV!
Adam Holmes 2014-12-29
The 10 Most Buzzed About TV Shows of 2014, According To Google image
When you're searching Google for a particular TV show, do you ever think about how many other people are searching for that exact same thing? Luckily, you don't even need to Google that information, because we have it for you right here...thanks to Google.
Nick Venable 2014-12-17
6 New TV Shows That Will Still Be On The Air 5 Years From Now image
Each year, we pull together a list of the shows we feel will have longevity moving forward. So far this season, there have been six shows that have shown signs of being frontrunners for longevity. Without further ado, here are the six programs we feel will still be on the air 5 years from now.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-24
Gotham Might Kill Off Your Favorite Characters image
Nine episodes into its first season, Gotham is not a series that seems likely to keep major surprises in its utility belt, as itís basically a prequel to a universe thatís been around for 75 years. But this is 2014, and nothing is sacred anymore.
Nick Venable 2014-11-20
Network Rundown 2014-2015: Cancelations, Renewals And Episode Orders image
We know it can be tough to keep track of all the new and upcoming network shows. So, weíve devised a list of all of the major networks, mentioning each of the primetime shows that have begun airing or will air this season, also noting whether new shows have been picked up for additional episodes, canceled or renewed.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-19
What Hand Does Harvey Dent Flip With? That's Actually Complicated image
Most familiar with the Batman mythos know about Two-Face and his trademark flipping of his coin. However, while preparing to play Harvey Dent on Gotham, Nicholas DíAgosto went the extra mile by making an effort to only flip the coin using a specific hand. Here's why he did it.
Adam Holmes 2014-11-17
Watch Harvey Dent Flip A Coin In New Gotham Video image
We get to see our first look at Assistant DA Harvey Dent played by Nicholas D'Agosto. The first scene revealed has Harvey flipping his famous coin outside the Gotham courthouse.
Jarrett Kruse 2014-11-15
The Bizarre Way Donal Logue Dealt With Terriers Getting Canceled image
Donal Logue is crushing as Detective Harvey Bullock on Gotham, but despite the actorís success on the new TV series, people still arenít over the fact that his crime dramedy, Terriers, was canceled by FX after one short season. Logue recently spoke out to say he had a bizarre way of coping with the cancellation back in 2010.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-14
How Harvey Dent Will Be Different On Gotham image
Next week will see the introduction of Harvey Dent in Gotham. While this version of the character will share similarities with previous adaptations, the Batman prequel will also explore the character in ways never seen before.
Adam Holmes 2014-11-13
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