Could Gotham Bring Jerome Back? Here's What The Executive Producer Says image
Some of Gotham's Season 2 resurgence has to do with James Frain’s intelligently devious Theo Galavan, but more of it was tied to Cameron Monaghan’s manic performances as the Joker-ish killer Jerome.Want more of him?
Nick Venable 2015-10-13
Gotham: The Penguin Is Getting A Dad And The Casting Is Perfect image
Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot has been one of the most compelling characters on Gotham from the beginning, and now the show looks to be fleshing out the character's backstory a bit further by introducing his dear old dad.
Jessica Rawden 2015-10-12
Gotham Season 2: First Look At Bruce Wayne's Love Interest image
Regardless of who you are, there will be some level of interest involved with meeting a teenage billionaire. Of course, on Gotham, it's teenage billionaires that are meeting other teenage billionaires. Meet Bruce's new love interest for part of Season 2.
Nick Venable 2015-10-09
A Female Joker On Gotham? Here's What Bruno Heller Says image
There is perhaps no Batman villain more infamous than The Joker. So, it was only natural to assume that The Joker would be appearing in some form or other on Fox’s Gotham. But could that form possible be the female form?
Laura Hurley 2015-10-06
Gotham: How Jerome Set Up The Real Joker image
There are going to be spoilers throughout this article, so if you haven’t watched Monday’s Gotham episode, yet, you may want to steer away. The question of whether Jerome would one day be the Joker has been bandied about since the character was first introduced back in Season 1.
Jessica Rawden 2015-10-06
Gotham Just Did The Unthinkable, Somehow Offered Up Its Craziest Moment Yet image
In its first three episodes of Season 2, Gotham has already eclipsed most of the uneven Season 1. And in “The Last Laugh,” the show pulled the wool both over our eyes and back off again, and then shoved it down our throats.
Nick Venable 2015-10-06
Is Jerome Really The Joker? Here's What Gotham's Creator Says image
Gotham been cagey about whether or not Jerome Valeska is the future Joker. So far his M.O. lines up with the Clown Prince of Crime’s, but a more direct answer to the question will arrive shortly.
Adam Holmes 2015-10-05
So, Gotham Just Killed Off A Ton Of Characters image
Here’s the easiest way to tell the difference between Gotham’s old school villains and its new school villains. When Penguin gets murderous intentions, it usually involves only one or two people sleeping with the fishes. But when Theo Galavan’s new brood of Maniax wants to make their mark, they take out as many people as possible.
Nick Venable 2015-09-29
Gotham Just Cast Another Ruthless Killer From The Comics image
Gotham City is already a horrible place to live, but in Gotham Season 2, things are worse than ever, as more villains than ever before are running rampant and making Jim Gordon's life a living hell. Now we have another killer from the comics joining the mayhem.
Adam Holmes 2015-09-25
The Brand New Threat Gotham Will Introduce image
The main villains in Gotham Season 2 are Theo Galavan and his sister Tabitha, who have a history with Gotham City. As it turns out, the siblings’ appearance on the Batman prequel is helping pave the way for a more dangerous threat.
Adam Holmes 2015-09-22
Gotham Season 2: Is Gordon Now As Bad As The Criminals? image
Gotham Season 2 is upon us! While the series has been touting this sophomore effort as “Rise of the Villains,” this first episode also brought Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon over to the dark side for almost the entire episode.
Nick Venable 2015-09-22
What's Going On With The Joker In Gotham, According To Cameron Monaghan image
When Cameron Monaghan appeared on Gotham in Season 1 as the mommy-killing psychopath Jerome, it seemed obvious that he was being groomed as a future Joker. But because mystery is always more intriguing than blatant facts, maybe he isn't.
Nick Venable 2015-09-21
Gotham Will Feature 2 Sudden Deaths At The Beginning Of Season 2 image
While Season 1 of Gotham initially took on more of a procedural-style of storytelling, viewers can expect a more serialized, arc-driven Season 2. And it sounds like death will be used to jumpstart at least one of those arcs, as we can expect characters to die.
Nick Venable 2015-09-14
New Gotham Clip Introduces James Frain's Powerful And Sketchy Theo image
Gotham is gearing up for a second season, we are finally seeing from crazy footage from the new episodes. Now we have a sense of what Theo Galavan’s master plan is in Gotham Season 2 thanks to this new clip introducing the season’s main antagonist.
Adam Holmes 2015-09-08
The 10 Best Villains On TV Right Now image
With the fall TV season just around the corner, our televisions will soon be awash with characters new and old that will be taking on villainous tasks, making our favorite characters’ lives a living hell. But for now, we’re celebrating 10 ruthless bastards that made the past year so wonderfully dastardly.
Nick Venable 2015-09-07
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