Ugly Betty Moving To Wednesdays In 2010 image
Things are looking up for Ugly Betty. While the series continues to suffer in the ratings thanks to ABC tucking it away on Friday nights, the network has decided to move the series to Wednesdays, starting in 2010.
Kelly West 2009-12-03
Is Ugly Betty On Its Last Season?  image
Bad news, Betty fans! It seems as though the low ratings on this season of Ugly Betty has prompted the writers to consider their end-game for the series, should ABC decide to drop the show from it’s lineup. In other news, we have some spoilery info on the big Bahamas episode that’s set to air in a few weeks.
Kelly West 2009-11-17
Betty And Dollhouse Ratings Drop, Smallville Holds image
While loyal Smallville fans tuned in to see the Green Arrow continue on his quest for redemption, Dollhouse and Ugly Betty viewers dropped from down from last week. It’s a shame to see the DH drop as last night’s episode was arguably the best episode of the season, if not the series.
Kelly West 2009-10-24
Ugly Betty Review: Season 4 Premiere image
I was disappointed when ABC pushed the premiere of Ugly Betty off a week, but I assure you, the two-hour premiere is worth the wait. A caterpillar doesn’t turn into a butterfly overnight but when the fourth season of Ugly Betty begins, we get to see the beginnings of Betty’s metamorphosis.
Kelly West 2009-10-14
Ugly Betty: 2009 Fall TV Preview image
Next week (see update), Ugly Betty returns! A little late in the game as far as premieres go and on a Friday night, which is just weird but still, Betty’s coming back and this season, she’s dressing up her at a bit to fit her new job as associate editor!
Kelly West 2009-10-01
Updates On Future TV Appearances For Paula Abdul image
While the former Idol judge was in talks with the producers of ABC to play a guest-starring role on the series as a temp at Mode, it looks as though talks fell through on that deal and if rumors are to be believed, Paula’s holding out for a late-invitation to re-join American Idol.
Kelly West 2009-08-16
Abdul Possibly Guest Starring On Ugly Betty image
While Paula Abdul might be absent from the American Idol judges table come January, we certainly haven’t seen the last of her. Rumor has it, the dancer/singer/talent-judge is also going to be adding acting to her credits as she’s in talks to play a guest-starring role on ABC’s Ugly Betty.
Kelly West 2009-08-11
Hulu Now Hosting ABC Shows image
Back in April Hulu announced the news that the streaming video website had made a deal with Disney that included making ABC shows available for viewing on Anyone who’s struggled to watch ABC shows on the network’s website was surely relieved to know they’d eventually have an easier time getting caught up on their favorite shows once Hulu got a hold of them. Well the day has arrived.
Kelly West 2009-07-06
ABC 2009 Fall TV Premiere Schedule image
Sure, summer’s just beginning but it’s definitely not too early for the networks to start mapping out which shows will start when once fall rolls around. ABC posted their fall TV primetime premiere schedule for 2009 today. Strangely enough, they have Ugly Betty returning on a Friday night.
Kelly West 2009-06-09
TV Recap: Ugly Betty - Curveball; Fall Issue image
There is so much to talk about from this week’s season finale of Ugly Betty but the most important is how stupid Betty can be sometimes and how much Daniel has changed since the premiere episode a few years back.
Erin Dougherty 2009-05-22
ABC Fall 2009 TV Schedule image
Upfront week continues with ABC’s announcement of their Fall 2009 primetime schedule. I sat looking at the release ABC sent out, preparing myself for the onslaught of vids and pics we’ll be getting to you as the day goes on, and wondered if I cared about anything.
Steve West 2009-05-19
TV Recap: Ugly Betty - In the Stars image
It’s time for the wedding issue at Mode and you know what that means? Yup, love all around. Mostly anyway. There is also some weird Marc something that makes you shudder and it is performance review time but other than that, it’s pretty much straight up candy and flowers.
Erin Dougherty 2009-05-15
TV Recap: Ugly Betty - The Born Identity image
It’s presentation day. Cal Hartley is coming to Meade and it’s the only chance the team has to impress him. What’s more impressive than a kidnapping? Oh, did I not mention that it’s also kidnapping day? Fun times at Mode.
Erin Dougherty 2009-05-08
More Baby Drama On This Week's Ugly Betty image
Ok, raise your hand if you think Wilhelmina somehow managed to fake the paternity test on that baby? If you caught last week’s episode of Ugly Betty then you know that Christina thought there might be a chance that baby William was hers. The test came up positive that William was in fact Bradford and Wilhelmina’s child but I’m not buying it. Spoilers from this week’s episode ahead!
Kelly West 2009-05-05
TV Recap: Ugly Betty - Rabbit Test image
Betty’s back and she’s saving Meade’s ass, as per usual. She can’t save Christina, though, who is now positive William is her baby. She also can’t help Daniel keep his dignity. Hey, at least they all can still work at the magazine.
Erin Dougherty 2009-05-01
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