Naruto Shippuden: Legends Akatsuki Rising Goes Gold For PSP image
Namco Bandai has recently announced that fast-paced ninja action fighting game for the PSP has just gone gold.
William Usher 2009-09-11
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 4 And PS2 Giveaway image
Who knew that watching cartoons could be so rewarding? If you donít know what Iím talking about, just know that if you watch Naruto Shippudenís anime online from the main Naruto website, you could be eligible for winning a the age-old PS2 and a free copy of Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden.
William Usher 2009-04-15
 Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden Has Gone Gold image
Namco Bandai recently announced that the anime-fighting game, Ultimate Ninja 4 for the PS2 has officially gone gold. And while there are enough Naruto fans to instantly put pre-orders at gold selling status, thatís not what going gold means. It means Naruto fans are one step closer to playing the latest in Shonen Jumpís fighting series.
William Usher 2009-03-06
Feature: How Retro Gaming Is Catching Up To Us image
Like many grizzled geeks born with a controller in their right hand, Iím a retro gamer. I love pulling out my old systems, blowing the dust off them, and flopping the cartridges around in the air until the little rattle inside of them stops. In other words, my favorite part of reliving nostalgia is actually playing the games on the systems I played them on when I was a wee little lad.
Rich Knight 2008-03-04
Fighting Games Died When Anime Based Games Were Born image
With the interesting Street Fighter IV (I say interesting because I still hesitate to call it awesome) on the very distant horizon, I think a more immediate concern is that fighting games in general are pretty much dead, save for the really crappy anime titles that have since graced the consoles.
Rich Knight 2007-12-29
Namco Announces Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 image
Namco and Bandai Games announced on November 9th, that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, the third in the Naruto fighting game series, will be released in March 2008. Oh and for what system? The game is being made "exclusively" for the Playstation 2 gaming console.
Jeffrey Harris 2007-11-11
Naruto's Takeover Of The US Continues With New Games image
By way of D3Publisher of America, Inc., new video games based on the international manga/anime smash hit, Naruto, make their way to the Nintendo Wii and DS with Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution and Naruto: Path of the Ninja. According to D3PA, both games have been shipped to retail outlets to go on shelves in the coming week.
Jeffrey Harris 2007-10-26
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