Weekly Blend #140 - Please Stand By image
As we announced last week, the show's running a little late this week. Unfortunately it's running even later than we planned. It almost didn't happen at all, as Margaret's arrival at Angry Cat Studios was followed quickly by a lightning storm. We manage to get our reviews in of Sex and the City and The Strangers before a brief interruption, then discuss the recent fire at Universal, whether Seth Rogen and James Franco really lit up at the MTV Movie Awards show, and more!

Show 140: Please Stand By - Direct Download (46:30 min 21.3 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-06-03
Weekly Blend #139 - Indy's Back image
Indiana Jones has made his triumphant return - well, triumphant in our eyes. I'm sure you have your own opinion. Margaret and Rafe give their take on the movie and talk about another possible return for Harrison Ford to the role of Jack Ryan. Also in the news: trailer responses, the future of Hancock, Shia LaBeauf's next big flick, an obstacle already in the way for The Hobbit and more!

Show 139: Indy's Back (No No No No) - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.5 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-05-26
Weekly Blend Takes A Week Off image
The forces of nature, fate, and whatever other cosmic entities you may want to believe in have conspired against the Weekly Blend cast this week. Nobody is ill, but sometimes it doesnít just take illness to kill an episode. Margaretís in a funk, Rafe wants to camp out for his Indiana Jones tickets, and Sometimes Tim was the only one able to show up this week.
Rafe Telsch 2008-05-18
Weekly Blend #138 - Damn Your Vulcan Logic image
It's Mother's Day so we're joined once again by Margaret's mom to discuss Sex and the City, Lost, and our grudge with our local NBC affiliate. We also talk about some of this week's Cinema Blend scoops and talk about just how far a franchise can change before you're arbitrarily tacking a name on something unrelated to the rest of the franchise.

Show 138: Damn Your Vulcan Logic - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.5 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-05-11
Weekly Blend #137 - We Are Iron Men image
Iron Man turns out to be a fantastic hit to kick the summer season off, and it brings with it a slew of geeked out trailers. We give our take on those as well as Lost, Scrubs, our sides of the hefty viral marketing debate, and tease a little more about the future of Cinema Blend's podcasting section.

Show 137: We Are Iron Men - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.5 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-05-04
Weekly Blend #136 - Welcome To Liberty City image
When Sometimes Tim showed up bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, I knew it could only be one thing - GTA IV, the big competition for Iron Man's official start of the summer movie season. We talk GTA, the summer movie slate, and this week's big news, including the start of The Hobbit, the tone of Dark Knight's advertising, and Hancock gone wrong.

Show 136: Welcome To Liberty City - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.5 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-04-27
Weekly Blend #135 - Jason Segel's Junk image
Margaret takes Rafe's single complaint of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and turns it into a fixation that lasts the entire show. We try not to let one man's bait and tackle hold things up from more serious discussion though, like our take on returning favorite TV shows, the massive firing of New Line Employees, and a comparison of the opinions of online press from the people behind Marvel's summer movies.

Show 135: Jason Segel's Junk - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.5 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-04-20
Weekly Blend #134 - The Expanded Edition image
This week marks the move to an expanded, sixty-minute show. While we want the added time for movie news, we've also added a brief window for television news as well (although it proves to be a little longer than "brief" this week). Join us as we look at NBC's fall schedule, outline Disney's animation plan for the next four years, and debate whether footage of a faked death should be left in on The Dark Knight

Show 134: The Expanded Edition - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.5 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-04-13
The Simpsons Movie Gets Blended image
Donít mistake the fact that weíve recorded a commentary for the idea that we have anything to do with The Simpsons Movie. We didnít make it. We didnít contribute in the least. Weíre just fansÖ well, two of us are at least. Enjoy Margaret grumbling about the movie, Rafe trying to make it look like he knows something, and some of Timís bad impressions as you watch Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Spider-pig

The Simpsons Movie Blended Commentary Track - Direct Download (87:00 min 40.53 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-04-09
Weekly Blend #133 - Dude Will Never Sound As Cool image
We're in the middle of another wave of announced remakes of movies from a bygone era - an age where "dude" was a perfectly good form of expression. We talk about rumors and plans for remakes of Magnum P.I., Bill and Ted, and Short Circuit. Other news includes a recap of April Fools pranks, excitement over Morgan Spurlock's new documentary, and a lot of pauses while we verify anything we say before we say it.

Show 133: Dude Will Never Sound As Cool - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-04-06
Weekly Blend #132 - Plight Of The Fanboys image
Fans of Fanboys may have called off their potential picket of Superhero Movie. Truth be told, nobody would have noticed since the superhero spoof didn't fare that well at the box office. We give our opinion on Fanboys (don't expect to see it in theaters), fancier theater options, and the latest rumored developments for JLA on this week's show.

Show 132: Plight of the Fanboys - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-03-30
Weekly Blend #130 - Trailer Talk image
Posters and trailers were the big news this week, with a lot of this year's most anticipated films coming out with some sort of promotional tool in the last seven days. We give you our opinion on the advertising and how excited we are about movies like The Incredible Hulk, Wall-E, Pineapple Express, and even the direct-to-DVD Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

Show 130: Trailer Talk - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-03-16
Weekly Blend #129 - And Sometimes Tim image
Tim rejoins the show for the first time in quite a while. The three of us take a look at Martin Lawrence's latest, express our concern for Patrick Swayze, debate the merits of Michael Clayton, discuss the popular "I'm effing Matt Damon/Ben Affleck" videos, and even find time for Margaret to impersonate half the cast of Seinfeld. Now if we only had video so you could see how much fun we're having.

Show 129: And Sometimes Tim - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-03-09
Weekly Blend #128 - Operators Are Standing By image
February was a bad month for the Weekly Blend Audio Show, but we're back. Of course, after almost a month off we need your help to keep the bills paid, so we're having the first telethon for our podcast. That's right, we want you to pay to listen to us talk about New Line's new situation, a sequel to an '80s classic, and Margaret's never-ending Gerard Butler lust. We sing and dance too. Donate heavily brothers. Our operators are standing by.

Show 128: Operators Are Standing By - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-03-02
Weekly Blend #127 - We're Definitely Maybe Back image
We're back after our week of illness, but it appears the rest of the country has gotten sick, or at least crazy, as the best movie in theaters this week, Definitely, Maybe only comes in fifth place at the box office, behind Fool's Gold. At least we still have the end of the writer's strike to celebrate. Along with our reviews of this week's releases, we discuss how the end of the strike has impacted anticipated projects and how lawsuits are mucking other projects up.

Show 127: We're Definitely Maybe Back - Direct Download (45:00 min 20.6 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-02-17
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