5 Reasons Being Human Fans Should Be Excited For Season 4

By Kelly West 2 years ago discussion comments
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This Monday night, Syfy’s Being Human returns for its fourth season. We took a look at the first two episodes of the supernatural drama and had no trouble coming up with five great reasons why fans should be excited by the drama’s return.

Based on Toby Whithouse’s U.K. series, Being Human centers on a group of supernatural beings — Aidan (Sam Witwer): Vampire, Sally (Meaghan Rath): Ghost, Josh (Sam Huntington): Werewolf, and Nora (Kristen Hager): Also a werewolf (and Josh’s wife). They live together in a house in Boston and are continuously trying to maintain some semblance of human normalcy while dealing with their supernatural urges. The series started out good and only continues to get better, which is all the more reason why you should be excited for Season 4. But to break it down with a bit more detail (but no major spoilers), here are five solid reasons to cheer for Being Human’s return:

5. There Will Be Blood
Let’s face it, if you had an issue with blood, you wouldn’t be watching a series that involves vampires. Blood drinking isn’t the only thing on the menu for the start of Season 4, though there is some of that, including one seriously disturbing blood binge. Expect lots of blood. Swirling blood. Splattering blood. And blood that’s… well, way too gross (and kind of disturbingly funny) to specify, even if I was trying to be more liberal with spoilers. So much blood.
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