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Adam Lambert knows a thing or two about covering pop songs. The musician got his big break as a contestant on American Idol, showing off his incredible vocal range and control, which he's only continued to develop further in the years that have followed since his Idol run, proving - as others have - that you don't need to actual win Idol to find success after.
Kelly West 2013-07-11
Adam Lambert And 4 Other Former American Idol Contestants Who Would Make Great Judges image
American Idol has gone in a lot of different directions since its initial judging panel broke up. The popular show has hired songwriters, gigantic pop stars and even a beloved daytime talk show host. With Jennifer Lopezís future completely in doubt, itís not a surprise producers are reportedly looking into all sorts of strange possibilities including Charlie Sheen, but it is perhaps curious theyíre apparently considering former contestants as well.
Mack Rawden 2012-07-10
Could Adam Lambert Be The Next American Idol Judge? image
As it stands Jennifer Lopez has no plans to return, and Steven Tyler has said "all is up in the air" in regards to his own plans-- probably meaning he wants to be paid more to stick around. Lambert, being the youngest and least-established of the potential judge crew, would presumably cost a whole lot less, which might be a big part of the appeal
Katey Rich 2012-07-10
ABC Cancels Lambert's Appearance On Good Morning America image
It looks as though Adam Lambertís performance at the American Music Awards cost him a gig on Good Morning America. Fortunately for Lambert fans, CBS isnít above picking up ABCís leavings.
Kelly West 2009-11-24
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