Arrow's Kevin Alejandro And Two More Join The Returned image
It looks like Kevin Alejandro has found his next steady gig. The actor had a solid run on The CW's Arrow and is now moving over to basic cable with a role as a series regular on Carlton Cuse's The Returned. Also joining the cast are Once Upon a Time in Wonderland's Sophie Lowe, and Revolution's Mat Vairo.
Kelly West 2014-06-02
Bates Motel Renewed For Season 3 And More Awkward Family Dinners image
We all go a little mad sometimes, but itís always better to be happy, right? Bates Motel fans will be very happy to know that A&E has renewed the horror drama for a 10-episode third season, even though the sixth episode of Season 2 only aired on Monday night. Itís a confident move for the network,
Nick Venable 2014-04-08
Norma And Norman Go Head To Head On Bates Motel Season 2 Poster image
A&E will bring Bates Motel back for its second season in exactly one month, so the timing seems perfect for them to release the new poster for Season 2. Much in the way the Season 1 art had Vera Farmiga's Norma Bates sitting just a bit too close to her son Norman (Freddie Highmore), this new bit of key art puts mother and son head to head over the words "Blood is Thicker."
Kelly West 2014-02-03
Bates Motel Season 2 Plot Details Hint At Family Issues, A Drug War And Love Triangles Ahead image
Are you ready to check back into Bates Motel? The drama series is set to return to A&E for its second season on Monday, March 3 at 9:00 p.m. A&E offered up some details about what's ahead for the series, in the form of a plot synopsis. They've also laid out the list of guest appearances for Season 2.
Kelly West 2014-01-24
Bonnie & Clyde Part 1 Earns Big Numbers For Lifetime, History And A&E image
Donít mess with Bonnie & Clyde! The numbers are in and the first part of the A+E miniseries secured itself 9.8 million viewers spread out over the three networks that aired the TV movie. Of A&E, Lifetime and History, it was History that came out on top though not by a drastic margin. The second part of Bonnie & Clyde will air tonight.
Kelly West 2013-12-09
Bonnie & Clyde Review: History, Lifetime And A&E's Engaging Miniseries Debuts Sunday image
The story of Bonnie and Clyde is far from a fairytale, and director Bruce Beresford doesnít try to present it as one in the TV miniseries that showcases the two notorious criminals. Starring Holliday Grainger and Emile Hirsch as the titular Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, Bonnie & Clyde delivers a story thatís entertaining, suspenseful and engrossing all at once, without relying entirely on glamour or flashy bank robbery scenes to draw interest.
Kelly West 2013-12-05
Boss' Kathleen Robertson Checks Into Bates Motel For Season 2 image
To some of us, she'll always be a little bit Clare Arnold from Beverly Hills, 90210, but more recently, Kathleen Robertson showed off her sexy, confident side in Starz's Boss, and coming soon she's headed to A&E's Bates Motel, playing another sexy, confident character from the sound of it. Robertson joins Michael Vartan among the newcomers to the creepy, suspenseful cable drama.
Kelly West 2013-08-14
Michael Vartan And Two More Join Bates Motel For Season 2 image
Hearing word that three actors have signed on for roles in Bates Motel, I automatically begin to feel sympathy for their characters, especially when it's announced that these characters will be involved with Vera Farmiga's Norma Bates. After just one season of the Psycho prequel series, we're already starting to see how badly things seem to work out for some of the people whose paths cross with Norma and Norman Bates.
Kelly West 2013-07-24
NCIS' Sarah Jane Morris Joins A&E Pilot Occult image
When we first learned that Michael Bay and X-Files writer James Wong were teaming up for an A&E pilot called Occult, part of the plot noted that the lead character would be returning to work at the FBI after taking time off following some kind of meltdown while investigating his wife's disappearance. Since then, we learned that Josh Lucas would play the role of the FBI agent. And today comes word that Sarah Jane Morris has signed on to play the role of the wife who disappeared.
Kelly West 2013-06-11
Anna Nicole Star Agnes Bruckner Cast In A&E's Occult image
Just last week we got a look at Agnes Bruckner in costume for the starring role in Lifetime's Anna Nicole Smith movie, and it looks like we may be seeing even more of the actor, as she's set to co-star in James Wong's A&E pilot Occult, which is being produced by Michael Bay.
Kelly West 2013-06-03
Bonnie & Clyde Miniseries First Look Photos Show Two Armed And Dangerous Outlaws image
Later this year, A&E, Lifetime and History will air Bonnie & Clyde, the two-night miniseries event that will simulcast on all three networks. In anticipation of that and in acknowledgement of the 79th anniversary of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow's death on May 23, 1934, they're giving us our first looks at the two lead characters in this story. Take a look at Emile Hirsche and Holliday Grainger as the title characters that make up the legendary 1930s couple, who grabbed the nation's attention with their crime spree.
Kelly West 2013-05-22
Stay-At-Home Dads Featured In A&E's New Reality Series Modern Dads image
We don't see a lot of stay-at-home dads on TV. NBC's Up All Night is one of the few exceptions that I can think of off the top of my head, as Will Arnett's Chris stayed home to raise the baby while his wife (Christina Applegate's Reagan) worked as a producer on her best friend's talk show. But that's scripted television. What A&E has in mind is about the real thing. The network has ordered an unscripted series focused on stay-at-home dads called Modern Dads.
Kelly West 2013-05-03
A&E Sets Premiere Date For Ridley & Tony Scott's Coma Miniseries image
In addition to their feature film work, which includes the recently released sci-fi thriller Prometheus, Ridley and Tony Scott have contributed to a number of TV projects over the years, including producing the 2008 mini-series adaptation of MIchael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain, as well as the 2010 miniseries adaptation of Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth, and coming-soon, the miniseries for Follett's follow-up novel World Without End.
Kelly West 2012-06-12
A&E's Breakout Kings Season 1 Available On DVD In March image
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release the first season of Breakout Kings onto DVD on March 13. Extras on the disc will be pretty extensive for a DVD-only release. Deleted and extended scenes will be included, as well as several featurettes. A final extra will deal with Foxís Prison Break crossover character. Called ďT-Bag Dealt A Bad Hand,Ē that extra will look inside T-Bagís escape from Fox River Prison.
Jessica Grabert 2012-01-19
A&E Sets Up A Creepy Website And A Premiere Date For Stephen King's Bag Of Bones Miniseries image
News of adaptations for Stephen Kingís novels seem to be everywhere lately. Between todayís update on the progress of the Dark Tower series adaptation, and the news that Warner Bros was looking at Ben Affleck to direct the big screen adaptation of The Stand, King fans already have much to discuss. And now A&E has announced the premiere dates for the miniseries based on Kingís novel Bag of Bones.
Kelly West 2011-10-24
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