Comcast Users Who Netflix Too Much Will Get Charged Extra image
If you like to binge watch programs on Netflix, and you're a subscriber of Comcast, you're going to want to read this article sitting down. The news we have to share isn't the best in the world, but it's important.
Mike Reyes 2015-11-07
Cable Companies Are Being Sued By Black-Owned Networks image
Cable companies are rarely among the publicís favorite people. Things have progressed far beyond the traditional complaints of high bills and frustrating contracts however, and we have reached the lawsuit level with a couple of them.
Dirk Libbey 2015-09-22
Comcast Is Raising Cable Prices Again, Get The Details image
Conventional wisdom would seem to indicate that paying a monthly subscription for consistent, serialized programming would be the most cost effective approach to personal entertainment. However, Comcast customers are in for a rude awakening as the companyís monthly rates rise, yet again.
Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-18
Cable Is Losing A Ton Of Subscribers, Get The Details image
Weíve all known that the Titanic of cable companies was going to be crashing into the iceberg of streaming services soon enough, but it looks like there are some pretty huge cracks forming already. The same can't be said for streaming services, though.
Nick Venable 2015-08-18
Comcast Being Comcast, Apparently Blocking Sling TV Ads image
Weíre at a point where just mentioning the name Comcast automatically lets anyone around know that some form of heinousness is about to be discussed, and thatís not about to change with this story, as it looks like Comcast is blocking Sling TV ads from airing.
Nick Venable 2015-07-31
How Comcast's New Streaming Service Could Completely Change The Game image
Comcast might be finally ready help subscribers cut cords with their new standalone television service exclusively for its Xfinity Internet subscribers to be called, unambiguously enough, Stream. While the serviceís name may not be a profile in creativity, the implications for this planned service could shape the future of the telecommunications industry.
Joseph Baxter 2015-07-14
Looks Like The Time Warner/Comcast Merger Fell Apart image
What would have been one of the most critical collusions in the history of mass media - the proposed $45.2 billion merger between cable colossus, Comcast and Time Warner Cable - has apparently sputtered out to an anti-climactic whimper.
Joseph Baxter 2015-04-24
Man's House Burns Down, Comcast Repeatedly Refuses To Cancel His Service image
Many of us have dealt with lengthy phone exchanges in the past, oftentimes in the attempt to accomplish relatively simple transactions. Recently, a Comcast subscriber dealt with one such experience when attempting to cancel his cable following a house fire.†
Jessica Rawden 2015-04-10
Comcast Wants DirecTV's Rob Lowe Commercials Pulled Because Of Course It Can't Take A Joke image
DirecTV is now getting bullied over those goofy Rob Lowe ads, which multiple Worst Company in America winner Comcast has formally complained about to the Better Business Bureau's National Advertising Division.
Nick Venable 2015-04-07
Time Warner Sends Letter To Cable Customer Calling Her A C-Bomb image
When taking into consideration their latest name-calling incident, it looks high marks cannot be considered for the Time Warner's customer service. Continue reading to see what led to one customer's being called a very unflattering four-letter-word.
William Fanelli 2015-02-20
Woman Cancels Cable, Comcast Changes Her Name On Her Last Bill To A Swear Word image
Many of us know how troublesome attempting to cancel cable can be, as services are known to shuffle us from person to person as they attempt to incentivize us to keep the service. But one Spokane, Washington woman just got an added insult after successfully canceling her cable.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-29
How Comcast Allegedly Got An Unhappy Customer Fired From His Job image
Everyone has had experiences with customer service reps that were so horrible, all memories of good service get wiped from our memory banks. California man Conal OíRourke has allegedly had the Mt. Everest of crappy ordeals, and youíll never guess what company was involved. Comcast.
Nick Venable 2014-10-08
How To Get HBO Without A Pricy Cable Plan image
Everyone loves a hidden menu, especially if it'll save them money, as may be the case with your cable provider, whether you know it or not. A report has made the rounds that gives subscribers to certain cable companies some helpful information on how to gain legal access to HBO without having to pay for a massive cable package.
Kelly West 2014-07-21
R.I.P FEARnet: Comcast Will Soon Fold The Network Into Chiller And Syfy image
Sensibly, a lot of FEARnetís content will be moved to the similarly thriller-minded network Chiller, with some things possibly going to Syfy. Hereís an indicator of just how small the world is that Comcast is lording over: NBCUniversal launched Chiller a few months after FEARnet made its Halloween 2010 debut...
Nick Venable 2014-04-15
Comcast Voted Worst Company In America  image
In this population, we are all undeniably individuals, but one self-evident truth among most of us is that our cable and/or satellite providers are total crap. Itís bad weather knocking the dish out of service, or sports games blacked out, or pricing spikes without any rewarding blowback for consumers.
Nick Venable 2014-04-08
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