Vanilla Ice Goes Amish For DIY image
To most people, Rob Van Winkle - a.k.a. Vanilla Ice - is best associated with his work as a 90s rapper and the artist responsible for "Ice Ice Baby," but those of us who watch the DIY channel regularly enough know the musician now spends his days fixing up homes and starring in DIY's The Vanilla Ice Project. With that in mind, it's not quite as surprising to hear that Ice is set up with a new series on the fix-it channel. But even so, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish is bound to raise some eyebrows.
Kelly West 2013-04-24
DIY's Dream House Premieres In January image
Next month, the Do It Yourself network will air a series that follows a couple as they attempt to have their dream house built in the Catskill Mountains.
Kelly West 2010-12-22
The Vanilla Ice Project Picked Up For Second Season image
When I think of Vanilla Ice the first thing that comes to mind is either his tirade on the MTV special where he trashes the set, or the Ninja Rap. Home improvement and contract work are not at the top of the list.
Steve West 2010-10-27
DIY Network Crashes Disney's EPCOT image
Disney World is one of my favorite places in the world and after my last trip there a couple of years ago, EPCOT is my favorite of the parks. So it caught my interested that the DIY Network’s Yard Crashers was going to be featuring a one-hour special, Yard Crashers: Disney Epcot, which will air next week.
Kelly West 2009-04-22
DIY Is Turning Rooms Into Man Caves image
Sure, you guys are probably thinking that imagining the perfect living quarters is something only us females do but have you ever dreamed about setting up some kind of den or place where you and your manly man-friends can hang out away from the women-folk? Leather furniture, perhaps a pool table and a bar? Yeah, you’re with me now, aren’t you? The DIY Network has a series dedicated to this sort of guy-centric home remodeling called Man Caves and DIY is currently airing new episodes.
Kelly West 2008-01-09
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