ABC Family Cancels Huge image
Things aren’t looking good for the ABC Family drama series Huge. Word is, ABC has decided to cancel the show after just ten episodes.
Kelly West 2010-10-04
Huge Season Finale Watch: Parent's Weekend Part Two image
In her previous show My So Called Life, Huge creator Winnie Holzman explored the torture of being a teenager along with the equally torturous
Doug Norrie 2010-08-30
Huge Watch: Parent's Weekend Part One image
In the penultimate episode of the season was an hour absolutely chocked full of those awkward moments, terrifying realizations, confusing behavior, embarrassing situations and unconditional love that only parents can bring.
Doug Norrie 2010-08-23
Huge Watch - Birthdays image
Where the writers are clearly comfortable with the characters of Camp Victory, they’ve chosen to put each kid in increasingly uncomfortable situations...
Doug Norrie 2010-08-16
Huge Watch - Poker Face image
Tonight’s episode detailed pretty clearly that not only is Willamena almost completely clueless about her “friends” at camp, she might be the most self-centered of the bunch...
Doug Norrie 2010-08-09
Huge Watch: Spirit Quest image
What we got from “Spirit Quest” was a decidedly intimate view of the main Huge players. This inner glimpse either helped confirm things we already pretty much knew, or...
Doug Norrie 2010-08-02
Huge Watch - Movie Night image
Going to summer camp is a singular experience. It’s devoid of many real world machinations which are instead substituted with campfires, talent shows, and like tonight’s episode, “Movie Night.”
Doug Norrie 2010-07-26
Huge Watch: Talent Night image
Up until this point, Huge had done a nice job of distancing itself from shows of similar ilk because the writers left a fair deal of melodrama out of the equation. Instead they opted to
Doug Norrie 2010-07-19
Huge Watch: Live Action Role Play image
“Live Action Role Play” showed us each character seeking a little power in his or her life, real or fantasy. All of these kids came to Camp Victory to lose weight, but beyond that, they’re also seeking something else...
Doug Norrie 2010-07-12
Huge Watch: Letters Home image
If the outside world has chosen to mock and deride these kids for their weight, Camp Victory forces them into the very situations with which they’ve become the most uncomfortable.
Doug Norrie 2010-07-05
Huge Preview: Letters Home image
For those of you who fell in love with ABC Family’s new series Huge, which premiered on Monday, we have some clips from the second episode to share! What’s coming up for the Camp Victory kids?
Kelly West 2010-07-01
Huge Watch: Thinspiration image
Camp Victory is equal parts military academy, affirmation circle and angst-riddled teen getaway. Contraband food is treated with the same secrecy and scorn as hardcore drugs...
Doug Norrie 2010-06-28
Huge Review: New ABC Family Drama image
Not every kid with a weight problem deals with it the same way, nor do they all have the exact same bag of awkward and embarrassing moments in their past. They have different families, different friends, different goals and different outlooks on life, just like any other teenager. One size does not fit all and Huge seems to have a good grasp on that
Kelly West 2010-06-27
Huge Preview: ABC Family Summer Series  image
For those of you who are looking forward to ABC Family’s new summer drama series Huge, we have some information and video clips from the premiere, which is set to air next Monday.
Kelly West 2010-06-20
Live Summer To The Fullest By Planning It On Your Television image
In addition to The Situation and Snookie, take a look at who (and what) else I'll be catching up with as we navigate the muddied waters of summer television programming.
Doug Norrie 2010-06-03
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