Gone Too Soon: The Most Overlooked TV Shows Of The Decade image
This past decade has seen some of the biggest leaps in TV innovation. It will be remembered for the advent of DVR and online streaming, for genre redefining shows like The Office and Dexter
Blend Television Staff 2009-12-14
NBC Cancels Earl, Life, And Medium image
NBC has officially told the cast and crew of My Name Is Earl that the series will not be returning. There was a brief period of time where I thought Earl was better than The Office
Steve West 2009-05-19
TV Recap: Life - One image
Holy TV goodness. If this is the last episode of the series Life, at least we’ll be happy with the completeness of it all. I can’t deny, though, that I’d do a little Snoopy dance if it came back next season. Seriously. Hold on to your laptops because we find out why Charlie went to jail and what the hell Roman has against him.
Erin Dougherty 2009-04-08
TV Recap: Life - Initiative 38 image
What, oh what happened to our little Dani Reese? She’s not answering her cell and she’s not checking in with Tidwell or Charlie. She better not end up like the case this week: a woman shot to death and then covered in her hot tub. Seriously, I would give up on Life right now if Dani didn’t come back.

Erin Dougherty 2009-04-02
TV Recap: Life - 5 Quarts image
I love Dani and Charlie because just when you think they’re starting to turn on each other, they remember who they are and don’t. If only I could say I’m confident Charlie’s new partner, Seever, won’t turn eventually. I mean, she does have that 15 year plan and we all know that plans like those don’t happen by just sitting around.
Erin Dougherty 2009-03-26
TV Recap: Life - Shelf Life image
Life sure is full of surprises this week; big surprises that make a little sense but are still a little fishy, too. Plus, it’s Charlie’s last week partnering with Bobby so you know this week’s case had to be a doozy, no? A guy is stabbed on the boardwalk and nobody sees anything. But this isn’t just some random guy.
Erin Dougherty 2009-03-12
TV Recap: Life - Hit Me Baby image
Okay. Let’s start with this: Dani Reese is wearing baggy clothes. We’re only seeing her close up and Tidwell just told her about an opportunity with the FBI that will keep her out and about for about a month or so. What does all this have to do with our favorite mismatched partners? Well, it means Reese and Crews won’t be with each other for the next few cases. For their real life counterparts it means Sarah Shahi is pregnant. Congrats to her.
Erin Dougherty 2009-02-25
TV Recap: Life - I Heart Mom image
Lots to talk about this week on Life. There’s the case of the guy with money shoved down his throat. There’s Tidwell and Reese. And, of course, there’s Charlie’s personal case. No messing around today…
Erin Dougherty 2009-02-19
TV Recap: Life - Mirrored Ball image
Have you ever heard of Heavy Calliber? No? Maybe that’s because it’s a fictitious 80’s hair band that’s so large even it’s cover band, Hot Lead, has problems on this week’s episode of Life. The KISS ringers’ lead singer ends up dead at a club they just played. Who better to step in than Crews and Doc Reese.
Erin Dougherty 2009-02-12
TV Recap: Life - Re-entry image
Charlie Crews is back in action. Let’s have a little woohoo! It’s been seven weeks since he was shot at his front door, with no recollection of who did it, I might add, but now he’s all better and ready to not only solve that crime but also the murder of an ex-astronaut.
Erin Dougherty 2009-02-05
TV Recap: Life - Black Friday image
Could you imagine walking into a mall on Black Friday and finding a dead body waiting for you? That’s exactly what Crews and Reese faced on this week’s episode of Life. On top of that, they had all the Thanksgiving drama that comes with having a family, or an ex-wife.
Erin Dougherty 2008-11-13
TV Recap: Life - Jackpot image
Who knew there are support groups for lottery winners? And who would have thought to pose as a lottery winner to get close to other lottery winners? Could be the ultimate con. Good thing that the people over at Life are would be criminal geniuses. No, seriously, it makes for some entertaining and unpredictable T.V. entertainment.
Erin Dougherty 2008-11-05
TV Recap: Life - Did You Feel That? image
Holy earthquakes on this week’s Life, shaking up everything and then some. Arthur Tims, the first guy Reese and Crews arrested together, escaped from jail. All the police computers are down. Ted got a pencil stuck in his hand. And there was an awkward yet not unwelcome kiss.
Erin Dougherty 2008-10-25
TV Recap: Life - Crushed image
Have you ever wondered what a man would look like if he were to be crushed by a junk car crusher? Well, it’s your lucky day because we found out on this week’s Life. Apparently it looks like strawberry jelly and lasagna.
Erin Dougherty 2008-10-18
TV Recap: Life - Not For Nothing image
This week on Life, Charlie and Ted went back to prison. Well, it was as close to prison as you can get. And it felt as real for them as for the students who were part of the college prison experiment. One of the inmates even killed a guard. Yup, that’s pretty real.
Erin Dougherty 2008-10-11
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