Why Stefon Always Covered His Face On Saturday Night Live image
Bill Hader is finally making himself a known entity in Hollywood, but for years he ruled the Saturday Night Live stage in New York. The former Not Ready For Primetime player popped up on Seth Meyers’ Late Night this week, and it wouldn’t be a true SNL reunion without a little Stefon talk. You can hear more about the origins of the character, as well as some funny behind-the-scenes stories, below.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-16
Rihanna Slams NFL For Thursday Night Football Treatment image
The last couple of weeks have been a PR nightmare for the NFL, following the lengthy spotlight on player Ray Rice after a tape was released showing aggravated assault against his now-wife. The NFL later pulled singer Rihanna from the intro to its Thursday Night Football schedule last week. Instead of quieting things down, pulling Rihanna from the opening sequence stirred the pot, and now the “We Found Love” singer is speaking out about her treatment by the NFL.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-16
Get Inside Gotham's Underworld With This Awesome Immersive Trailer image
In this excellent preview, viewers are ushered into Gotham’s world in the most immersive way possible, at least through a video clip. It helps if you splash water on your face while you’re watching. Trust me. I'm Batman.
Nick Venable 2014-09-16
Judd Apatow's Love Is Coming To Netflix, Find Out Who Will Star image
While most networks are just now giving new projects pilot commitments, Netflix is not nearly as restricted as the networks and just signed on for two seasons of a brand new project this morning. On Tuesday, Netflix signed on with Judd Apatow and Legendary Pictures for Love, a brand new romantic comedy that will offer an “honest take” on 21st century relationships.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-16
Watch Dancing With The Stars Season 19's Chaotic And Glitzy Opening Number  image
Humorously, from a fan perspective, it also gives us a chance to make a knee-jerk judgment of how coordinated or uncoordinated a competitor might be. So, for example, it’s pretty clear from just this intro that Michael Waltrip isn’t exactly Justin Timberlake.
Mack Rawden 2014-09-16
WKRP In Cincinnati Is Finally Getting Its Amazing Music Restored For DVD image
Shout Factory is giving the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati its due by restoring much of the series' classic music for its upcoming DVD release. Maybe you and me were never meant to be, but a series that takes place inside of a radio station is meant to be experienced with its original music intact.
Nick Venable 2014-09-15
A Classic Horror Format Is Making A Network TV Comeback image
If you thought that season-long anthology series like American Horror Story and True Detective had completely closed the coffin on episodic anthologies, NBC (of all networks) is teaming up with some big names to potentially bring the underused format back to audiences. Don't do us wrong, NBC.
Nick Venable 2014-09-15
This Original Flash Star Is Joining The CW's Version image
The cool thing about The Flash, alright there’s a lot of cool things about The Flash, but one of them is that the series will feature a multitude of talent, nabbing roles on the drama in the form of leads, guest starring gigs and recurring arcs. On Monday, yet another actress has been added to the cast of The CW’s The Flash.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-15
Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Feeds Are Down Until Tuesday Night, Here's Why image
During last week's live Big Brother episode, Julie Chen laid out the next few episodes' worth of events. That includes two evictions this week, the first of which will air tomorrow night. It's looking like tomorrow night's eviction will be pre-taped and may actually be happening in the Big Brother house now.
Kelly West 2014-09-15
Jimmy Kimmel And Carson Daly Are Going Into Comedy Together image
You've seen him as a multi-faceted host, and now there’s a chance you’ll get to see how well comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel does with a network sitcom, as ABC Studios bought up his untitled pilot script, with penalties owed if they choose not to move forward. And he’s telling a strangely familiar story.
Nick Venable 2014-09-15
Helix Brings Its Deadly Viruses To Sea In First Season 2 Preview image
Syfy's off-the-rails bio-thriller Helix has revealed the first look at the non-Arctic Season 2. Following in the footsteps of Speed 2: Cruise Control, this time, it’s on a boat. Or at least part of it is.
Nick Venable 2014-09-15
This Is Who Will Play Daredevil's Mentor On Marvel's Netflix Series image
In Marvel Comics, Daredevil does get super senses due to exposure to radioactive material (also leaving him legally blind), but that's not how he learned to fight crime. For that, Matt Murdock has to thank Stick, a blind warrior who teaches the future superhero martial arts. Stick is a key character in both the origin story and the continuity of the Man Without Fear in the comics, so it should be no surprise that he will be featured in Marvel Studios' upcoming Netflix series Daredevil. What's great is that the studio and filmmakers have found the perfect actor to play him.
Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-15
Shonda Rhimes Wants To Act, Will Appear On The Mindy Project image
Alright guys, I think it’s time to admit that Shonda Rhimes is kind-of a superwoman. The powerful TV mogul has three—count ‘em—TV shows airing on networks this fall, but despite her busy schedule, the writer, showrunner and producer has decided to delve into the world of acting, as well. On Monday, it was confirmed that Rhimes will appear on an upcoming episode of Fox’s comedy, The Mindy Project.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-15
10 Great TV Shows That Should Be Streaming On Netflix image
While online streaming is still a ways away from completely replacing traditional television viewing, it is ubiquitous enough at this point to make "Why isn't this show on Netflix yet?" a fairly common inquiry. As such, here are ten completed series that Netflix needs to add to its stocked library posthaste, so that we may forget things like Hemlock Grove exist.
Nick Venable 2014-09-15
Watch Wendy Williams Literally Eat Crow image
For months, Wendy Williams, the host of The Wendy Williams Show, blatantly spoke out, stating that if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a successful marriage she would eat crow. Well, the marriage happened and has lasted, leaving Williams to make good on her promise on her early morning show this week.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-15
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