New Girl Season 2 Adds Guest Stars Including A New Love Interest For Jess

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New Girl Season 2 Adds Guest Stars Including A New Love Interest For Jess image
New Girl has a new guy on the way for Jess, and a couple of guest stars added to the upcoming second season as well. David Walton, who is coming off the short-lived NBC series Bent, is on board to play the bad boy who shows an interest in Jess – except that he thinks she is someone else. As for guest stars, a Reno 911 alum, Leslie Mann of Knocked Up and previous guest Rachael Harris will be appearing as well.

EW says that David Walton will play a new love interest for Jess starting in the season premiere and continuing as a recurring role. He’s the typical bad boy who mistakes Jess for someone else. Jess, being Jess, decides to play along, which will no doubt be hilarious results.

Next in the New Girl casting news department is Leslie Mann. The Knocked Up actress will be appearing in the season opener as well, which will feature a celebratory party for the removal of Schmidt’s below-the-belt cast. Mann plays a “shot girl” on hand for the festivities. Sounds like a party unlike any I have ever attended.

Returning for a repeat appearance is The Hangover’s Rachael Harris, who previously played the vice-principal at Jess’ school and is set to reprise that role at some point in the new season. And last, but certainly not least, Reno 911 star Niecy Nash will be popping by New Girl as well, or so says THR. Nash will be playing a hooker who swipes Jess’ purse in one of the early installments for the second season.

The season premiere of New Girl is slated for September 25th, and it’s shaping up to be an interesting sophomore run.
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