Leah Remini Is Getting Her Own Reality Show, Expect Plenty Of Sass

By Mack Rawden 2014-03-05 17:08:13 discussion comments
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Leah Remini Is Getting Her Own Reality Show, Expect Plenty Of Sass image
Fresh off her unexpectedly long run on Dancing With The Stars, Leah Remini has decided to stick with reality television. Earlier today, the actress announced the creation of a new unscripted program that will follow her extended family as they wrestle with day-to-day struggles.

The still untitled program has been given a twelve episode order by TLC. Each episode will run a half an hour, and while no premiere date has been announced, itís probably a safe bet to say itíll run later this year. The turnaround on reality television is typically pretty quick.

In addition to Leah, the show will feature her husband Angelo, their daughter Sofia, her mother and stepfather, her sister and brother-in-law and a small support staff team that sounds loveable and kooky. Thereís apparently a British nanny, a personal assistant that really wants to act herself and a housekeeper that canít help but speak her mind.

Remini has always been a very outspoken woman. She didnít mask her feelings in the slightest when she angrily left the Church of Scientology, and she was always willing to critique her own performances or the judges very honestly during her time on DWTS. That should bode well. Reality programs always do better when the personalities are big enough that producers donít feel the need to invent fake drama to fill space. Obviously, the occasional storyline scripting will happen, but thatís a hell of a lot different than needing a steady supply of scandalous moments to make something remotely watchable.

Remini is best known for her extended run on King Of Queens opposite Kevin James. She played one of the two leads, and her performance was very well-received. Sheís also appeared in more than her share of movies including a really funny turn as Vince Vaughnís no-nonsense wife in Old School. Obviously, the ingredients needed for a good reality show are a little bit different, but if so many viwers fell in love with her once, thereís every reason for both her and Lifetime to hope they can and will do it again.

Weíll keep you updated on this project as more details about it become available. Until then, you can catch Remini as a much younger woman in this hilarious Saved By The Bell re-cut of the summer everyone worked at Malibu Sands Beach Club. Extra points for all the melodramatic musicÖ

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