Lonelygirl15 Cast In NBC's Grimm

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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Lonelygirl15 Cast In NBC's Grimm image
The cast for NBCís Grimm is finally starting to fill out. Former Real World/ Road Rules Challenge contestant David Giuntoli has already boarded as the lead. Now heíll be joined by former Lonelygirl 15 star Bitsie Tulloch and In Treatment patient Russell Hornsby.

With a wave of big movie stars joining network pilots like Ethan Hawke, Marioa Bello and Amber Heard, itís a bit surprising a project of this magnitude didnít attract bigger names, but sometimes celebrities can just get in the way of new talent. Many of televisionís biggest dramas cast near nobodies and went on to raging success. Letís hope thatís the case here.

According to Deadline, Grimm follows a group of detectives struggling against characters from fairytales come to life. One, played by Giuntoli, begins to see it as his destiny to ward the creatures off. Details on the new cast membersí roles havenít yet been released, but itís a pretty safe bet that theyíll play support cops.

With so much competition from established stars, itíll be interesting to see whether Grimm will get noticed. I wouldnít count on seeing this next year, but stranger things have happened.
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