Grimm Stars Explain Why The Time Is Right For Their Rewatch Podcast, Plus Their Favorite Episodes To Revisit

Grimm's Adalind, Juliette, and Rosalee
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More than five years have passed since Grimm came to an end on NBC after six seasons and more than one hundred episodes. The conclusion of the show and the cast moving on to other projects didn’t mean the end of the fandom, however, and more people have discovered Grimm streaming since the finale in 2017. Now, the ladies of Grimm are revisiting the beloved show with a new podcast called The Grimmcast. Hosts and actresses Claire Coffee, Bree Turner, and Bitsie Tulloch have gotten together to rewatch every episode, and bring fans along for the ride. They spoke with CinemaBlend about what's on the way! 

The Grimmcast will feature Claire Coffee, Bree Turner, and Bitsie Tulloch talking about every episode of Grimm, with some special guests appearing as well. Star David Giuntoli – currently a lead on ABC's A Million Little Things and Tulloch's husband – joined the ladies to talk about the pilot for a blast to the past that fans won’t want to miss. As for why now is the right time to launch a rewatch podcast, Claire Coffee (who played Adalind) explained:

The podcast has actually been in the works since the beginning of the pandemic, for a couple of years. We all, first and foremost, are always looking for excuses to hang out with each other, and I think throughout the pandemic, it was clear that people were continuing to find the show. The fandom is so supportive and strong that we thought, 'Oh, maybe we can jump on this rewatch bandwagon.' [laughs] What we're finding is just, first of all, how enduring the show is and how much we're enjoying rewatching it, and then being able to connect with fans. We've opened a line for questions from the fans, and getting to talk to our co-stars and our crew members and the fans has just all been really satisfying.

The Grimmcast gives the three former co-stars a chance to become co-hosts, and anybody who has already listened to the first two episodes knows that they’re having fun with it! The six seasons of Grimm are available streaming now with an Amazon Prime subscription, so it’s easy to understand why the fandom is still alive, well, and growing in 2022. Listeners can even interact with Claire Coffee, Bree Turner (who played Rosalee), and Bitsie Tulloch (who played Juliette and Eve) as the podcast continues.

With a grand total of 123 episodes, there is a long way to go for them as they rewatch and discuss each and every one. Claire Coffee shared that they’re “trying not to spoil too much episode by episode” so that newcomers who haven’t yet finished all six seasons can enjoy, while longtime fans will still get some references to what’s ahead that newcomers won't catch. 

Of those 123 episodes, do the actresses have certain favorites that they’re already looking forward to revisiting? Bree Turner was the first to weigh in to CinemaBlend with her pick, and it’s likely one that fans remember well. After noting that it’s “fun to think about the rare opportunities to be together in scenes” since they didn’t often work together as a whole group, Turner said:

There's one in particular I'm looking forward to. It's Season 6, and it's the ['Blind Love'] episode where it's like our Hawaii episode, like when the cast goes to Hawaii. Instead of Hawaii, because we couldn't spring that, we went to the Columbia Gorge and we stayed at a beautiful hotel on the river. It was a big field trip and we all went out and we all stayed and we were all in this wacky episode. I'm looking forward to talking about that because we had the best time. We basically forgot we were even on a TV show. I feel like we were just on vacation together. I'm looking forward to talking about that one.

“Blind Love” is the seventh episode of Season 6, so it’ll be a while before the trio of co-hosts revisit the shenanigans that ensued when the characters took a trip and wound up in deep trouble. The cast seemingly had a lot more fun than the characters did by the end of that particular episode, and some entertaining stories are evidently in store. In fact, Claire Coffee also named “Blind Love” as the one she’s excited to revisit:

The [Blind Love] episode because I remember there's a very specific story that always sticks out in my mind… When I think about this episode, there are just so many stories that are so kind of meaningful in my life in general outside of just television production.

Even if fans have some time before The Grimmcast gets to “Blind Love,” it sounds like it'll be worth the wait! Fortunately, Bitsie Tulloch (who is currently in production on the next season of Superman & Lois for The CW) has a pick that’s earlier in Grimm’s run than “Blind Love” in Season 6. She shared: 

I think 'La Llorona,’ which was [Season 2]. That's one that I'm looking forward to revisiting.

“La Llorona” is the ninth episode of Season 2, so even though The Grimmcast won’t be covering Bitsie Tulloch's pick any time soon, it’s not too far in the future compared to Claire Coffee and Bree Turner’s selection! All things considered, the enthusiasm of the three former Grimm stars for the podcast as well as their picks for favorites proves that this is a project that fans new and old won’t want to miss. 

The first two episodes of The Grimmcast are available now, along with the option to leave the co-hosts a message to answer on the show. CinemaBlend has ranked Grimm as one of the top horror TV shows to stream on Amazon Prime right now, and the series is definitely a fun fantasy option for fans of the genre. For some viewing options in the new year, be sure to check out our 2023 TV premiere schedule.

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