A Grimm Spinoff With A Female Lead May Be Headed To NBC

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Reboots and revivals are currently all the rage on television, as are spinoffs. You can now add NBC's long-running series Grimm to the list in the lastly mentioned category. With six seasons under its belt, the original series completed its run in Spring 2017. While audiences miss the show, NBC apparently does as well. Over a year after it ended, the Peacock Network is in the early stages of developing a Grimm spinoff, and the lead won't be just another one of the boys.

That is not the only good news Grimm fans! The spinoff is hoping to include returning fan favorites from the original series. Who exactly will end up returning is still unknown at this juncture. The original leads are currently busy with new projects. David Giuntoli, who played Nick, is starring in ABC's A Million Little Things. His co-star Russell Hornsby, who played Hank, is also starring in a freshman series. Hornsby is on Fox's upcoming drama, Proven Innocent.

If either or both of those series doesn't last, perhaps the actors could become available. While its leads are potentially off the table at this point, NBC is looking to have original series cast members in the cast, whether regular or recurring. At this time, no actors are attached to the spinoff yet. The goal is to include both new and returning characters on the show. So, this is in no way a revival of the original, as you may have guessed.

In a departure from the original series, Deadline says that they are hearing the spinoff will center on a female lead. Iron Fist's Melissa Glenn will pen the show. With the spinoff wanting to bring back characters from the original, we can guess that the spinoff will probably not take place that far into the future from Grimm's finale. Or at least one would think not.

Since the show is in the early stages of development, a premiere date has not been set. Should the spinoff get picked up, there is a potentially safe bet as to where NBC could put it. That would be Fridays. The original series found tremendous success airing that night.

Given Grimm's history in the timeslot, it would make sense to put the spinoff there as well. It would also set the spinoff up to be a robust companion to the supernatural drama Midnight, Texas. That series is getting ready to embark on its second season. Should it make it to a third, Midnight, Texas and the Grimm spinoff could make Fridays quite supernatural for NBC.

The idea to build off the foundation of the original series should serve the spinoff well. Grimm grew a devoted following during its six-season run. So, the chance to see some of the characters they love back in action would be huge for them. In the meantime, NBC will have tons of fall premieres to keep you busy.

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