Melissa McCarthy Gets Physical And Funny For Second Turn As SNL Host

By Kelly West 3 years ago discussion comments
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Melissa McCarthy returned to Saturday Night Live last night to host the NBC sketch comedy series for the second time. Highlights from the episode included McCarthy's intentionally awkward opening monologue, a sketch that had her devouring a slice of pizza, and a guest appearance by a certain Game of Thrones star. As expected, based on McCarthy's last appearance on the show, not to mention her demonstrated knack for hilarity (see: Bridesmaids), this was one of the better episodes of the season, thanks in large part to McCarthy being so fearless when it comes to comedy.

McCarthy opened the episode by falling flat on her face, thanks to a set of ridiculous shoes she wore. Taran Killam made things even funnier when he broke out the monologue song.

The episode also parodied the Mike Rice controversy, but introducing us to a basketball coach who's even tougher on her players…

Here's the pizza-eating sketch, which had McCarthy playing a woman determined to start up her own pizza (eating) business.

Tired of wasting precious work time in the bathroom? You need the Bathroom Businessman!

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