Ratings Come In At Series Low For Cougar Town's Long-Awaited Return

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Ratings Come In At Series Low For Cougar Town's Long-Awaited Return image
Well, you canít say it wasnít predicted. Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence said the show would likely return to low ratings, and was he ever right. The much-publicized premiere of the new season after a long absence not only had low ratings, but the lowest the series has ever seen. Iím not sure even Lawrence thought it would be this bad.

Lawrenceís prediction to EW was proven true last night. He had stated he believed the show would ďnot premiere as high as people hope.Ē He went on to say that he expects that the ratings will increase week by week as viewers start to catch on to the fact that Cougar Town is back on the air and start tuning in again. Will it really happen that way, or is this a sign that there isnít as much love for Courteney Cox and company as everyone had hoped?

The show was originally set to return in March, but was moved up by a month. The Valentineís Day air date may be a big part of the reason for the low ratings. Itís traditionally a poor ratings day overall, since so many people are doing things more romantic than watching television.

With V-Day out of the way, the next few episodes of the series will have no excuse, and Bill Lawrenceís hopes for word of mouth increasing viewership will be either proven or dashed. If youíre on the fence about tuning in to the third season of Cougar Town, check out Kelly Westís thoughts on why you might want to give the show a shot.
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