TNT Cancels Medical Drama HawthoRNe

By Kelly West 5 years ago discussion comments
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TNT Cancels Medical Drama HawthoRNe image
TNTís HawthoRNe had a good run with three seasons, but thatís where it ends. Word is, the cable network announced today that theyíve decided not to give the nurse drama a fourth season order, which means last monthís season finale, was the series finale.

HawthoRNe stars Jada Pinkett Smith and MIchael Vartan, and follows Christina Hawthorne (Pinkett Smith), the Chief Nursing Officer at a hospital in Virginia. Vartan played Tom, a doctor with a close relationship with HawthoRNe. Deadline posted the news of the seriesí cancellation, along with TNTís brief statement, which says that theyíve decided not to order a fourth season and that they appreciate the ďtremendous dedication of everyone involved in HawthoRNe.

The series has been on the bubble for a while, so this news probably isnít a huge surprise, however disappointed fans may be. HawthoRNe follows TNTís Men of a Certain Age out the door. Fans of the recently cancelled comedy series were fairly vocal about their disappointme. Iím curious to see if people will react similarly toward HawthoRNeís demise. 

On a more personal note, Iíll be happy not to have to type the ďRNĒ portion of the title in capital letters going forward, as thereís likely to be fewer opportunities to post updates about this series in the future. I will, however, endure it happily in the future if doing so involves posting news that either Vartan or Pinkett Smith have been cast in some future TV project. Hereís hoping we havenít seen the last of either actor on the small screen.
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