TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 5 Veto

By Kelly West 8 years ago discussion comments
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TV Recap: Big Brother 10 - Week 5 Veto image
Wow. Give the Big Brother houseguests some wine and let the drama ensue! As is often the case with wine, drinking large quantities of it inspired the houseguests to get all mushy and weepy with each other and after that, scream, fight and stab each other in the back. But before we get to that, letís talk about the Veto competition.

This weekís comp, which was called ďCry me a Veto,Ē had the houseguests chopping onions and transporting them to glass cases. They had the choice of whether to dump their onions into their Veto box or else into the mystery prize box. At the end of the competition, the onions were weighed and the person with the heaviest Veto box won the Veto. The two people with the heaviest mystery prize box won a prize. Memphis and April, neither of which feared Michelle putting them up on the block should the Veto be used, focused on filling their Mystery Prize box and each of them won a prize. Memphis got the dud-prize, winning a necklace made of onions that he has to wear for 24 hours. April won designer clothes. It seemed like she was channeling Jessieís ego when she discussed her win in the diary room, saying that there was no one more deserving for such a prize than her and that everyone was jealous of her. I wish Memphis had won the clothes.

The Cry Me A Veto comp was boring to watch and sort of reminded me of that competition they did two seasons ago where the houseguests had to transport colored liquid from one spot to another. In the end, Jerry, whose strategy of putting the onions through a chopper paid off, won the Veto. Jerry has been set on getting Dan nominated ever since Jessieís eviction. For whatever reason, heís taking Danís decision to evict Jessie as a personal attack and approached Michelle about it after winning the Veto. He made mention of his belief that Dan is Americaís Player.

This just goes to show that the producers of BB might want to consider giving up that little twist for a couple of seasons because Danís brief week as AP seems to be coming back to haunt him. What hasnít been shown in the episodes is that Jerryís not the only one who suspects Dan of being AP. From what Iíve read in the feed recaps, everyone thinks Danís been performing AP tasks. Danís actual AP tasks included getting Jessie nominated, hugging Jessie and voting to evict Jessie. But based on some conversations (one of them can be viewed here - I love that Michelle thinks itís the law that private school teachers have to go to church on Sundays) it seems like everyone thinks that either Danís Americaís Player or that heís just a weird guy. If being a nice guy, who sometimes talks to the cameras (something previous BB winners Will and Dick both did) makes Dan weird, so be it.

Before the Veto ceremony, the houseguests gathered for the feast that Michelle won for them during the food competition. After too much wine, they all shared kind words with each other. At one point, Dan even managed to say some nice things to Jerry. Jerry turned it around on him, once again bringing up Dan being a horrible person for his part in evicting Jessie. And by ďhis partĒ I mean Dan is entirely to blame according to Jerry. Doesnít matter to him that there were three other votes cast.

While they were all drinking and joking around, Keesha made a joke about April lending her some of the designer clothes she won. Libra chimed in by saying that the only reason Keeshaís being nice to April was because she wanted some of her clothes. I think the wine had more to do with Keeshaís niceness than the desire to wear Aprilís clothes but regardless, this comment from Libra didnít go unnoticed by Michelle.

Michelle pulled April and Keesha up to the HoH room to repeat Libraís remark. Now the way I took what Libra said, she was just joking along with everyone else. I didnít think she was completely serious by it but Michelle spun it that way and that got Keesha and April all up in arms over it. They called Libra up to talk about it and Memphis, who mustíve gone into the room at some point, made a quick exit. Once again, I love Memphis and Danís strategy to stay as far away from the drama as possible. It seems likely that if either of these guys get to the final two, thatíll help them secure votes as no one (other than Jerry, who is just ridiculously bitter) will have many bad things to say about them.

April, Keesha, Michelle and Libra had a fight over Libraís comment and in the end, Keesha started yelling about Aprilís part in everything. Apparently she canít stand that Michelle seems to either be completely ignorant to Aprilís part in Jessieís eviction (not sure how she could be seeing as April nominated him) or sheís chosen to forgiven her for it. Keesha stormed out of the room and continued the argument with Michelle later on downstairs. She put it all out there, talking about how April plays everyone in the house and keeps getting away with it.

I canít blame Keesha for being angry about April getting off scot free for her role in Jessieís eviction. All the same, I also donít blame Michelle for choosing to forgive her. She canít burn all of her bridges if she wants to make it through this game. I also need to give Michelle credit for fueling the fire between Libra, Keesha and April by turning Libraís remark into something more than what it probably was (a harmless joke.) But Keeshaís right, you can fault Libra for her attitude but at least she owns her actions. April? - not so much.

The women werenít the only ones who had things to get off their chest. Jerryís been ranting and raving about Dan since Jessieís eviction. We get it Jerry, you canít stand Dan and want him to burn in hell for being such an awful human being. Forget the fact that you double crossed Brian in the first week. Dan was close with Brian but we didnít see him rampaging against Jerry, calling him Judas and making him out to be an evil person for the choice he made.

So it was no real surprise that Jerry used his Power of Veto speech to tear into Dan once again. He called him Judas and said all of the stuff weíve heard from him before. Then he told Dan that it was his lucky day because heís not using the Veto. I guess Jerry was assuming Michelle would be putting him up if he used it, though I donít recall Michelle ever having agreed to that. Loved the shot of Memphis rolling his eyes when Jerry called Dan Judas.

So Keesha and Libra remain on the block and it seems like everyone still wants Libra gone. Though Libra did admit to Ollie that it was Keesha who spearheaded the get-Jessie-out plan, despite having said she wouldnít campaign against her. So who knows if the house will turn against Keesha and knock her out of the running or if weíll be seeing Libra sitting with Julie this Thursday night.
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