Transformers-Beast Wars: The Complete Series Will Fight With Season 1 For Prowess

By Jessica Grabert 5 years ago discussion comments
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Transformers-Beast Wars: The Complete Series Will Fight With Season 1 For Prowess image
Transformers-Beast Wars, not to be confused with the childrenís book series Beast Quest, is coming to DVD in a full series set on June 7. Setting a release date for an animated DVD so close to the theatrical release of the third Transformers film is an inspired marketing ploy. When kids see something they like, they tend to want more of the same thing. This marketing strategy is surprising for Shout!Factory, a company that usually bases its releases on nostalgia and rides on the hope of cheap impulse purchases. So, perhaps the company is counting on the fanboy buy, as well.

Also weird for a Shout!Factory release is the inclusion of special features. Transformers-Beast Wars: The Complete Series will come with retrospective featurettes, art galleries, and a 12 page booklet. Brand new interviews will be the newest--and likely best--extras. Though the special features donít seem overly grand, for $49.99 on a three-season series, audiences really have nothing to complain about. Plus, if thatís too high of a cost for a nostalgic program, season 1 will be available in its entirety for $29.93.

Fifteen years ago, when Beast Wars was a current program, it garnered an Emmy for outstanding animation, so itís not something to laugh at. At least not blatantly. A snicker might be acceptable. Preorder for the series is available, here.
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