The X-Files' Gillian Anderson And One More Added To Rand Ravich Pilot

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The X-Files' Gillian Anderson And One More Added To Rand Ravich Pilot image
NBCís untitled Rand Ravich pilot about a Secret Service agent who must deal with the kidnapping of the Presidentís son and several of his classmates, has signed on two pretty big cast members. The first is Rachael Taylor, who recently starred in ABCís short-lived drama 666 Park Avenue. The second is nineties star and X-Files favorite, Gillian Anderson.

Cleary Taylor was going to land a pilot at some point, so letís talk about Andersonís casting, first. In NBCís pilot Anderson is set to play Meg, a makeshift mother and a sister. Her sisterís busy life as a Secret Service agent has put Meg into the position to raise her sisterís daughter, Amber, a girl who later becomes a kidnapping victim. If the pilot moves to series, this could be a big role for Anderson, who has popped up in several TV series or miniseriesí in the past decade, but who hasnít landed an iconic role since The X-Files, although she is set to recur on the upcoming Hannibal drama. Recently, TV Blend even voted her onto our list of biggest stars we want to see in a starring role on television. Apparently, weíre not alone.

Taylor has joined the series as Susie Dunn, Megís sister and Amberís biological mother. According to Deadline, after the kidnapping Susie will be responsible for interviewing the friends and family members of the kidnapped children in the hopes that some details will pop.

The untitled pilot will actually follow a male lead who is new to the job, which means that casting is underway, but there are still slots to fill. Weíll let you know when the pilot finds its male lead, as well as a title.
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