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How Stephen Baldwin Feels About Alec Baldwin's Trump Impression
Alec Baldwin has received a lot of notice for his Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live, and now his sibling has come out to explain how he feels about the new impression.
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump On SNL Crushed In The Ratings
Saturday Night Live nailed it by bringing Alec Baldwin in as Donald Trump for Season 42, and the season premiere's ratings are absolute proof of that.
Who Came Up With The Idea To Cast Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump
Saturday Night Live returned to the schedule this weekend with a big episode featuring Margot Robbie, the return of a slew of cast members, a memorable "Weekend Update" and, of course, Donald Trump.
Saturday Night Live Just Found The Perfect New Actor To Play Donald Trump
Taran Killam's absence leaves SNL viewers without his Trump impression to look forward to in Season 42. Luckily, the show found the perfect person to step in and take over.
Classic Game Show Match Game Is Returning On ABC
Summer can be a tough time for TV fans, but ABC is bringing classic game show Match Game back to primetime with a host who could make for a great night of television.
Who Sex And The City's Creator Originally Wanted For Mr. Big
Prolific show creator Darren Star has been behind some of the biggest TV shows in the past few decades, including Melrose Place, Sex and the City and TV Land’s newer series Younger. But despite his success, he doesn’t always get who he wants for every role.
Why Jack And Liz Didn't End Up Together On 30 Rock
Some fans of NBC’s 30 Rock really wanted Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy to end up together by the time the series ended, but they didn’t, and Alec Baldwin explained why in a recent Reddit AMA.
Alec Baldwin Is Headed To HBO, Get The Details
For everyone waiting to see whether or not Alec Baldwin would ever return to a small-screen scripted series, a long-gestating project is now in the works, with Baldwin headed to HBO for an untitled hour-long political drama. Art imitating life? Perhaps.
Alec Baldwin To Host MSNBC Talk Show Up Late w/Alec Baldwin
Remember back in April during the whole NBC late night shake-up, we heard that Alec Baldwin might be getting his own late night talk show, possibly taking Carson Daly's timeslot? In case your memory's fuzzy, there were reports that Baldwin would be getting his own late night half-hour interview show.
Last Call With Carson Daly Renewed, Alec Baldwin Won't Take Over
The early rumors that NBC’s late-night scheduling would be completely flipped on its head have now been diverted. While it has absolutely been confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will take over for Jay Leno’s timeslot, leaving the 12:35 slot open, as it turns out, Alec Baldwin will not be taking over the Last Call with Carson Daly slot. On Thursday, NBC announced Last Call has been renewed for Season 13.
Alec Baldwin Reportedly In Early Talks To Host A Late Night Talk Show At NBC
Is Alec Baldwin late-night bound? That's the current rumor. The 30 Rock star is reportedly in early talks to host his own show on NBC. Word is that he'd take over the 1:35 a.m. spot, which is currently home to the half-hour interview show, Last Call with Carson Daly.
Alec Baldwin Is Staying On 30 Rock, Says Season 7 Will Be The Last
Despite rumors that flew after Alec Baldwin tweeted that he was “leaving NBC just in time”, he’s not leaving 30 Rock. But no, he’s not walking on the show or on NBC – he was just apparently irritated with The Today Show for filming in front of his house while covering his stalker story. Today he reportedly confirmed he’s absolutely in for Season 7 of the series – and also said it will be the last.
Kristin Wiig Adresses SNL Departure Rumors, Future In Dramatic Roles
The rumors regarding Kristin Wiig’s potential departure from SNL have been growing, and with her contract up at the end of the month fans have been wondering when the announcement might be made. Is she ready to exit the SNL stage for good? Where will she go next? Here’s what she had to say to Alec Baldwin in his podcast this morning.
Alec Baldwin Leaks Word That Justin Bieber Will Host SNL: Is It True?
Although it’s not yet confirmed by NBC, Alec Baldwin let slip today during a podcast interview with SNL producer Lorne Michaels that Justin Bieber is on deck to host in the coming months. Beiber, who has little in the way of acting experience and, some would say, little in the way of any actual talent at all, would be both host and musical guest
Alec Baldwin Isn't Leaving 30 Rock
What would 30 Rock be without Jack Donaghy? Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be finding out anytime soon. Fears that actor Alec Baldwin would be exiting the NBC series at the end of this season were quelled today at the TCA press tour. Assuming 30 Rock will be back for another season, so too will Alec Baldwin.
Wegmans To Bring Back Alec Baldwin's Commercials Following More Complaints
I love Wegmans. This isn’t actually the first time I’ve spoken about this at TV Blend. As a non-native to the Central New York area, I may be especially appreciative of what the supermarket chain has to offer in terms of pricing, quality and variety by comparison to other supermarkets. Even if you aren’t from the Central New York area, or one of the other places where a Wegmans is available, you may actually be at least a little bit familiar with the supermarket.
Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's New Flavor Is Inspired By SNL Sketch
At long last, Ben & Jerry’s is making Schweddy Balls available by the pint in ice cream form. A clever nod to the popular Saturday Night Live sketch starring Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon and special guest Alec Baldwin, the ingredients of B&J’s new ice cream flavor actually sound pretty tasty.
SNL Locks In Alec Baldwin To Host Premiere, 30 Rock May Continue Without Him After Next Season
Saturday Night Live will return next month for its 37th season, and the sketch comedy series is going with a veteran host to kick things off. Alec Baldwin has been lined up to host the season premiere, which will mark his 16th time doing it. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy might be pulling a Michael Scott on 30 Rock.
UPDATED: Alec Baldwin Says 30 Rock Will End In 2012
Alec Baldwin has been very open in the past about leaving 30 Rock at some point, and there were even rumors for a while that this season would be his last. But now Baldwin has upped the rumors of his departure to an end date for the entire show
Watch Alec Baldwin's Inexplicable Commercial For A Regional Supermarket Chain
If you're a 30 Rock fan living in the vicinity of Syracuse, New York, you may be lucky enough to start seeing Alec Baldwin on your TV screen even during the commercial break

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